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Jon  Tibbetts

Jon Tibbetts

  • Chief
  • Sandoval County Fire Department
  • New Mexico
  • Age: 59
  • Year of Death: 2012

Fire Chief Jon Tibbetts started his career in the emergency services as a paramedic with the San Juan County Emergency Services. He worked at San Juan County until 1986 and was certainly considered a pioneer in his profession. In 1986‚ he went to work for Albuquerque Ambulance‚ where he would work for the next 18 years. During his years at Albuquerque Ambulance he would serve as a paramedic‚ system education coordinator‚ system status manager‚ and operations manager. He was one of the main people tasked with the project of setting up a global positioning system in the late 1980s. In 2004‚ he became the first career fire chief for Sandoval County Fire Department. Chief Tibbetts loved fighting fires and responded to every possible structure fire he could.

Chief Tibbetts helped build the Sandoval County Fire Department from the ground up. During his tenure as chief he built four fire stations and completely staffed the new fire department with career staff to supplement the volunteers. His characteristics as a person of integrity‚ determination‚ honesty‚ and gentleness‚ all made him a natural born leader. He was killed in an on duty motor vehicle crash on July 23‚ 2012‚ at age 59. Chief Tibbetts wrote a grant that resulted in the funding of a brand new fire station located at Santa Ana Pueblo in 2009.

In addition to his numerous professional accomplishments he was a loving husband to Connie and a loving father to his daughters‚ Amy and Natasha. A Habitat for Humanity house is currently being built in his name.

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