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Age: 38
Year of Death: 2001

Joseph J. Angelini Jr.

Joe was a great man‚ father‚ husband‚ and friend. There was nothing he couldn’t do or wouldn’t do for anyone. Joe was kind and understanding. You know that saying‚ ‘Take time to smell the roses.’ Joe would take the time. He lived life to the fullest‚ no one knows what a special man he was but me‚ he loved me and I loved him‚ that’s all that mattered to him. He was the best father to his kids‚ there was nothing he wouldn’t do for them.

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  1. I had the honor of carrying Joseph A. Angelini, Jr’s picture with me as I climbed 110 stories today at the 2016 Colorado 9/11 Stair Climb at Red Rock’s Amphitheatre. I want his family to know what a privilege it was for me to do this, and to thank them for his service and ultimate sacrifice. We remain a free and open society due to the bravery of others, including Joseph, and I cannot find the words to accurately describe my gratitude. Although there is nothing I can say or do to change Joseph’s fate, please know that it was not in vain, and I am forever grateful. I will NEVER FORGET.

    – Robert Thorn
  2. Today marks 15 years that changed our nation forever. I never met Joseph Angelini. Jr., but I did, after the events of 911 decide to purchase a braclet with a fallen firemans name on it to help the family’s of so many loved ones lost. I received one with Joseph’s name on it, I think about him, what he was like, his family. The devastation of also losing Joseph Sr. I keep this bracelet out and see it everyday. The bracelet has become tarnished but reminds me daily of all the brave men and women who lost their lives as first responders, workers, just common everyday folk. They or the events that unfolded that morning will forever live on in our minds and hearts.

    – Sheila Olsen
  3. I had the honor today of carrying Joseph J. Angelini today while climbing 110+ flights of stairs at the Colorado 9/11 stair climb. My thoughts and condolences for the family of this brave soul. He will forever be in my heart every year when I make this climb again. I’ll climb for another person next year, but he was my first climb, so I will always carry him with me.

    – Tabatha Nuckols
  4. Back in 2015 I visited New York from Great Britain, I passed a fire station and noticed Fire Fighter Angelini’s name amongst his collegues on a memorial wall. I have never felt so humble and over come with emotion as I did whilst reading those names. Thank you for your service sir, your name shall live forever more.

    – gemma moreton-clark
  5. My name is Sergio Angelini and I live in Italy. I never met Joseph Angelini or his father even though we have the same surname. What makes me sad is that I will never know them.

    – Sergio Angelini
  6. 18 years later and I still remember! I was in an FBI Sniper course on September 11, and watched the horror unfold on television after the FBI instructor received a page. I remember how proud I was of my fellow First Responders doing their jobs, while covered in dust, sweat, blood and tears. We all cried that day. But because of Firrmen like Joseph many people lived that day. I was honored to represent Joseph today on a memorial stair climb. After completing the 110 flight stair climb, I called out Joseph’s name loudly and rang a bell in his honor. Never Forget the sacrifices that were made!

    – Doug Gregg
  7. Joseph J. Angelini was the hero’s picture with me today during the 2019 Salt River 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb, and it was a huge honor. I pray for strength and healing, for his family and friends. He is a hero to every USA loving, flag respecting, American out there, including me. I know he is in God’s arms, and I thank him for his sacrifice. To run in to danger while others ran for their lives is nothing less than tear-jerking and awe-inspiring! Thank you, Joseph. You are the firefighter, along with my sweet friend Luke, that I will always carry in my heart. Love to you and your family.

    – Melissa Higdon
  8. It was my honor to carry the name of Joseph Angelini Jr today 9/11/2019 in the Bryan County EMS walk to remember. I appreciate your sacrifice. My prayers are with your family today. Gone but never forgotten.

    – Amanda
  9. Thank you sir for your sacrifice to your country. When you took your oath, you truly took it for life. Not only did you jump in to save the lives of those you didn’t even know, but you followed the braving steps of your father, Joseph Sr. When I randomly selected your father to read about, little did I know I would be touched so deeply to learn about father and son dedication. You were a young man and could have easily walked away with your own family in mind, however, like your brave and dedicated father, you bravely marched ahead. May God bless and keep your family always sir. Gone but never forgotten.

    – Dayna Guthrie
  10. I did not know Joseph Angelini Jr. but I did have the privilege of carrying him with me as I walked the Peoria,IL 9/11 Memorial Stair climb. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice sir you will never be forgotten.

    – Holli Robbins
  11. 20 years and we still remember. Your bravery is an inspiration to us all. You are a hero in every sense and will never be forgotten. Thank you for your courageous and selfless actions, we will never forget.

    – Maria Greco
  12. I did a 21-mile March To The Arch to honor 9/11 victims and I carried Joseph J Angelini Jr with me. May god rest his eternal soul and thank you for keeping us and our freedoms free

    – Kimberly Wright
  13. I did a 21-mile March To The Arch to honor 9/11 victims and I carried Joseph J Angelini Jr with me. May god rest his eternal soul and thank you for keeping us and our freedoms free 9/11/21 the 20- year anniversary

    – Kimberly Wright
  14. We will not forget.
    Bishop, CA memorial climb

    – Madill
  15. I never got the chance to know Mr. Angelini or his father but I’ve known his son little Joey for a very long time we grew up in the same hometown together and every year I pay homage to Mr. Angelini and his father because to me their heroes who deserve to be recognized by the people that loved them very much.

    – Michael Coppola
  16. today, I ran the tunnels to tower race in jacksonville, NC, and had the honor to bring his picture with me throughout the whole run. I am so grateful for what he has done. I am so happy I got to carry him with me through all 3.2 miles, and devastated that I will never be able to meet him. My prayers go out to his family years after his death. Thank you so much Joseph Angelini Jr. for what you did. You’re gratefully thanked and appreciated.

    – natalie dumont