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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 37
Year of Death: 2001

Manuel Mojica

Manuel Mojica Jr.‚ 37‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Squad 18. Mojica was a family man who loved being with his wife of ten years and their two children. Mojica also enjoyed working out at the gym.

Memorial Posts


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  1. I ran a Fallen Heroes 5k in Idaho today. It was an honor to run in remembrance of Manuel Mojica.

    – Angela
  2. Manuel Monica was remembered at the NFFF stair climb on 9/12/15 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. I climbed the stairs on his behalf. Manny Mo’s name was called out as I rang the bell at the end of the event. His sacrifice will not be forgotten. John 15:13

    – Mike K
  3. I did the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wi on September 10,2016.
    I climbed in memory of Manuel Mojito. It was tough Manuel, but I rang that bell in your honor. You will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Manuel.

    – Sally Wiegert
  4. Manny you are never forgotten. SEMPER FI Brother

    – John
  5. Today, 9/11/16…I walk in the 1st Annual 9/11 Disneyland Memorial Walk in honor of fallen hero Manuel Mojica

    Carl A Brown
  6. I also climbed the stairs at Lambeau Field in Green Bay WI in honor of Manuel . Your dedication to your job and family will never be forgotten. thank you bro…..R.I.P. — Glenn Ziemer

    – Glenn Ziemer
  7. “Mo” was my roommate & coworker as an MP in the Marines when we were stationed in Iwakuni, Japan in 1984. A funny guy and a good friend!

    – Jim Parker
  8. Manny was a fellow marine I was stationed with in Japan as well in 84 as an mp in the Marine Corps. Semper fi manny!

    – Joseph Lliteras
  9. I was also stationed with Manny in Japan while in the Marines. I’m lucky enough to have a pic of those times. RIP my friend.

    – Steve Acciarito
  10. I was honored to wear a picture of Manuel at the recent NFFF golf tournament in Rochester, NY. Thank you for that humbling opportunity. This picture badge is now hanging from my review mirror and will travel with me wherever I go. Never Forget.

    – Amy James
  11. I participated in Richmond 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb today and completed 110 stories in honor of Manual.

    – Heather W
  12. I participated in Richmond 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb today and completed 110 stories in honor of Manuel.

    – Heather W
  13. I have completed (3) stair climbs in Manny’s honor. The last was yesterday in Papillion, NE. Never Forgotten. 9/7/19

    – Carrie Wagner
  14. I went to highschool with Manny and he was a great guy then as he was the day he ran into the towers with his FDNY brothers. Thak you Manny for your service to the Country our city and for being a great friend to me and everyone who knew you. RIP bro…

    – Vincent
  15. Manny….you are surely missed….i think about you often….i met Manny at the main gate MCRD Parris Island….sat and talked our way through boot camp….had many laughs together….his picture hangs in my den….you are a patriot and hero!

  16. you carried the Mojica name bravely, and very Mojica across the country will remember what you did that morning. Not caring about yourself but for the lives of others. RIP my fellow Mojica.

    – Noel Mojica
  17. I was in Law Enforcement School with Manny back at Lackland AFB the summer of 1983. I was AF, he was Marines. Great guy, thank you for all you did.

    – Susan
  18. I climbed in memory of Manuel Mojica at the NFFF Florence professional firefighters 9-11 memorial stair climb in 2013

    – Trevor Anthony
  19. I miss seeing you walk Jake down the street and check in the local stores to make sure all is good in the neighborhood.

    How you loved and enjoyed being with your family.

    What a good friend and neighbor you were. God blessed us with you.
    Thank you

    – Jennifer Henning
  20. It is my privilege to participate in the memorial stair climb in Kansas City, 9/11/21, representing Manuel. God bless him and his family. Never forgotten.

    – Jerrad U.
  21. I had the honor of climbing 110 flights of stairs for Manuel today. 20 years later, it’s still quite moving. Reading about him and his family really drives home the importance of the climb for me. 9/11/2021 I made sure to call out Manuel’s name as I rang the bell. RIP brother!

    – Colby Hoffmann
  22. You were an amazing man and we all miss you.

    – Denise
  23. I participated in a Memorial Run/Walk in Manuel’s memory on Saturday. The organizers want to make it a yearly tradition. If they do I will choose you again.

    – Tracy M Huber
  24. I always happen to look at the clock morning and night when it’s 9:11. You cross my mind every day. I remember your loud whistle and your presence if you were home. It still breaks my heart that all that occurred on that day and that you were in it. I don’t remember much; I talk to Steph and Manny about that day to try and remember more.
    Thanks for always watching over.

    – Jenna Henning
  25. Yesterday September 10, 22 I ran the stair climb in honor of this awesome man. He was one year older then me when he died, this hits different every year for me and my family. My husband being a police officer and I a medic. May they all rest easy

    – Cherrille. M
  26. Manny and I were in the same proby class 4/18/89. He was a real stand up guy. I’ll miss him

    – Benny Hom
  27. I doing the FDIC stair climb in his honor. I will ring the bell for you and your family. 🙏🏻

    – Shelly Cassin
  28. Tomorrow I participate in our local Tunnels to Towers 5k with my fire department in honor of the ultimate sacrifice Manuel Mojica made.

    – Kathy Tillson
  29. My cousin who was a proud Marine and Firefighter who died so the job he loved.

    – Debra Salgado-Camacho
  30. My cousin who was a proud Marine and Firefighter who died doing the job he loved.

    – Debra Salgado-Camacho
  31. My name is Kaleb and I am 11 years old. I completed the Springfield, MO 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Missouri State University on 9/30/23. I rang the bell in honor of Manuel. His sacrifice will not be forgotten.

    – Kaleb Albert
  32. I played in a pickleball tournament and won Gold. It was an honor to play in remembrance of Manuel Mojico FDNY squad 18.

    – Annette