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Age: 25
Year of Death: 2009

Mark B. Davis

Mark Davis was a young man destined to become a great achiever. He had accomplished much during his short life. He fulfilled each of his goals‚ going after each with vigor and determination. He loved every aspect in the fields of Emergency Medical Services‚ as well as firefighting‚ and was quickly becoming the best in those fields. He was a community activist‚ working at the local French Festival‚ and serving on it’s committee. He continued to grow and everyone seemed to look up to Mark…truly a shooting star for Cape Vincent.

Mark’s compassion and ability to put his patients at ease‚ was just one of his precious gifts. Family was extremely important to him‚ as his biological father died about a month after he was born. Maybe that is why he loved CPR like he did…

Mark B. Davis‚ 25‚ was killed in the line of duty‚ in Cape Vincent‚ on January 30th‚ 2009. Mark and another rescue member answered a fire emergency call for a possible heart attack. The patient became agitated and left the room‚ seconds later‚ re-entered the room and started firing a gun. Mark was hit; he was taken to Samaritan Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. On that fateful night‚ Mark left his brother’s birthday celebration to answer that call for help.

Mark was a volunteer emergency medical worker and firefighter for Cape Vincent Volunteer Fire Dept.‚ Inc. He was an employee with Thousand Islands Emergency Rescue Service (TIERS) and at Guilfoyle EMS as an EMT. He was a student in the Jefferson Community College Paramedic Program‚ in the middle of clinicals‚ and an active member of the EMS Club. Davis was a CPR Instructor‚ Hazmat and Mass Casualty Certified‚ and received accreditation as a National 911 Dispatcher. Mark was also A+ certified as a PC tech‚ following his achievements at Stetson University in Celebration‚ FL. Mark trained in fire and EMS at every opportunity he could. He took good care of his family. He was a true citizen soldier. His dedication‚ devotion‚ compassion‚ and love for all‚ were limitless…

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  1. 10 years, where has the time gone? It just seems like yesterday that I had lunch with you for the last time. I will never forget those times we worked together or the trip to check out that Jeep you wanted to buy. Mark, you are forever in our hearts and we will never forget you.

    RIP MBD 352235 1/15/1984 – 1/30/2009

    It is not the date at the beginning or the date at the end that are important, it is the dash in the middle. You made one hell of an impact in the short time you were here.

    – Joe Burke
  2. It’s been a long 10 years my Brother, we had some great times and they will never be forgotten!
    Go Big or Go Home!!!
    Philosophy I live by!!!!
    Until we meet again!!!!
    “Little Guy”

    – Jay Guenet