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Age: 33
Year of Death: 2001

Michael F. Lynch

Michael Francis Lynch‚ Badge Number 2315‚ was a Firefighter on rotation to Engine 40/Ladder 35 in Manhattan on September 11th‚ 2001. Michael was permanently assigned to Engine 62/Ladder 32 in the Bronx.

Michael was the seventh of our ten children. In addition to Michael‚ there are 3 daughter and 6 sons in this family. Although it is difficult to capture Michael’s wonderful spirit and personal qualities in words‚ we will do our best to convey what a truly remarkable person he was so that others can understand what a profound loss we have all experienced.

Michael was born on December 12‚ 1970‚ in Bronx‚ New York. As the only child born in December‚ our children regarded him as a Christmas present. Perhaps we all knew somehow that Michael’s life was a gift that we were given only temporarily and was something we should treasure.

In his first two weeks of life‚ Michael demonstrated perseverance and determination to live by weathering illness. This was our first inkling that our skinny‚ seemingly fragile child was a person of extraordinary strength and courage.

Michael was a very gentle‚ mild-mannered person. He was kind‚ thoughtful‚ and sweet by nature. One of Michael’s most noted qualities was his ever-present sense of humor. He was simply – very funny. Our memories are filled with Michael’s smiles‚ his quick laugh‚ and his quips. It is hard to recall him any other way. Although Michael was unassuming and was not a person who looked for attention‚ he was often the source of great laughter and amusement. Many of our family pictures reflect Michael’s ability to inject fun into our lives. He was a talented mimic and joke-teller. His nieces and nephews always appreciated Michael’s gentle humor and sense of fun. One of our family’s last and treasured memories is of Michael telling jokes on our annual vacation at the Jersey Shore. His fellow firefighters have told us many similar stories of how Michael kept them entertained at the firehouses.

Michael was slow to anger and sensitive to others. We believe that it was Michael’s compassionate nature and desire to protect others that led him to choose this career as a firefighter. His innate bravery and courage gave him the ability to make a sacrifice that only a select number of extraordinary human beings can make.

As a small child‚ Michael loved music and singing. We have sweet memories of him singing My Name is Michael‚ Yellow Submarine‚ Michael Row Your Boat Ashore‚ and I’m On the Top of the World Looking Down on Creation. He was a child who found joy in life and expressed it in music. As an adult‚ he became a popular DJ and entertained family‚ friends and many others in our community. Michael was generous by nature and often volunteered to DJ events for charity. Although Michael was always wiry in build‚ he had the energy for 2 people. He was adventurous and had great endurance‚ traits that served him well as a firefighter. He loved being outdoors‚ no matter what the weather was like and was usually the last child to want to come in after playing. It is no wonder that he became an avid outdoors and sports lover. He loved to go hiking with his brothers and sisters as a youth. He was captain of his soccer team at Cardinal Spellman High School. As an adult‚ Michael began to coach children’s soccer‚ a volunteer job that gave him the satisfaction of continuing to play outside. One of his favorite past-times was fishing with his father‚ family and friends. Michael was a certified scuba diver and had recently taken up a new sport – golf. Michael went to college but he dreamed of becoming a firefighter. After earning a bachelor’s degree‚ and while waiting to be admitted to the FDNY‚ Michael worked at Dean Witter in the World Trade Center. His former colleagues at that office‚ who were jittery after the 1993 bombing‚ later told us that Michael promised to return to save them as a firefighter if there was ever another incident. Michael kept that promise. Michael was only two months from his marriage when the events of September 11th occurred. He was engaged to Stephanie Luccioni and they were to be married on November 16th‚ 2001. Instead of celebrating the promise of love‚ life and children‚ we are left with shattered dreams and deep pain. We have a video of Michael and his company entering the World Trade Center that morning. It is difficult to possess and view this footage. At the same time‚ this film is evidence of incredible bravery and humanity. A news cameraman zeroed in on Michael as he carried heavy gear‚ including a fire hose into the building. Perhaps the most stunning thing about this video is that we watch Michael glance up at the building and continue to walk through the door as others were fleeing the danger. It is hard to conceive of the kind of bravery it requires to take that action. We are in awe of Michael and his fellow firefighters. As we said before‚ Michael had the strength and endurance of two people. It came as no surprise to us when the Medical Examiner informed us that‚ when Michael was found on March 21st‚ he had either been carrying a woman or shielding her with his bunker coat. It simply reinforced our conviction that he was truly a brave hero. Initially‚ our family kept a vigil and hoped that Michael somehow survived. As time passed‚ our hope diminished and we began the painful process of understanding that our son‚ brother‚ uncle and fianc_ is truly gone. We must reconcile ourselves to the consequences of Michael’s act of bravery and respect his determination to save the lives of others while sacrificing his own. We will always remember the brave man that walked into danger only to save others. We now like to think of Michael sitting on top of the world looking down on us and creation‚ with love. We thank you for remembering him with us. As a nation‚ we must never forget the sacrifice of these brave firefighters and all rescue workers who unselfishly give their life for others.

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  1. Hello: My name is Robert and I participated in a anuall 911 memorial stair climb in Citrus County Florida this past Sunday 9/14/14.One of the things we do is take a laminated photo of someone lost in the own Disaster…my photo was of Michael…we Cary this photo around our neck while we do the Memorial Climb.I was compelled to find out who this HERO was….I found this page…I cannot find the proper words but to say thank you..and it was a profound honor to carry his photo in remembrance..I come from a long family history of 6 Boston Firefighters and 4 Boston Police….I am a Retired United States Marine……I will be forever gratefull for this ultimate sacrifice…Respectfully..Robert W Hines

    – Robert Hines
  2. Thank you Michael for your bravery!!!

    – Cathy Ruotolo
  3. Michael Lynch had meet to Throggs Neck and Silver Beach kids at hangout. he was great guy. he was greatest bravest. RIP,,,,,,,,,,

    – Matthew Frawley
  4. Greetings- Today I participated in the annual 911 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin, my hometown. I was given Michael’s name and picture, and it was an honor to climb in the pouring rain up and down the stairs in his memory. If you contact me by email, I can also forward pictures of my efforts, and the thousands of others at Lambeau today. We were told that this event is the largest stair climb annual event in the United States, and it gives us Green Bay natives pride to be able to do this for our New York friends. I will keep Michael’s picture as a reminder of a hero. We salute you…..and we salute Michael. Joe Boushka

    – Joe Boushka
  5. Hello,

    I walked in the 9/11 stair climb today in Green Bay, WI. I wore Michael’s badge and made the entire climb. Definitely an experience I will never forget. I’m proud to have represented him during the climb.

    – Amanda Brookins
  6. Remembering Michael in prayer today and all who loved him. May his soul rest in the peace of Christ.

    – Lynne-Marie
  7. Today we visited the 911 memorial and I told my son Ethan to take a picture of a name around the waterfall and he took a picture of Michaels, when we came back to the hotel we googled his name and read his story, we are greatly thankful for his bravery and sacrifice, although we never met him he sounded like a remarkable individual and we are sorry for you loss and prayers to family and friends. 7/3/2019

    – Sandra Crimmins
  8. I went to St Francis de Chantal with Michael. He was in my class. Mike was my friend and very funny. Im sad to see he died. Thank you mike for your sacrifice. You will never be forgotten.

    – Rose
  9. It was an honor to carry Michael on 9/7/19 for the Greenville City Stair Climb he for sure helped me climb the 110 flights this weekend we climb because they climbed never forgotten brothers

    – Patrick
  10. On Saturday September 7th, 2019… I participated in the 9/11 Fallen Hero Tribute 10K in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Michael F, Lynch was one of the Fallen Hero’s I got to run for. What a humbling experience. I am honored that I had the chance to do this for him.

    – Angie Mago
  11. On this, the 18 anniversary of 911 I think of Michael, he crosses my mind often. I met Michael through his brother Tommy as a teenager and would run into him here and there throughout the years. He was always the same, he would greet you with his big smile and always had something funny to say. That’s how I remember Michael , smiling and laughing. I pray for Michael this morning and my thoughts and prayers are with the Lynch family this morning too.

    – John Keane
  12. His eyes were gentle. I seen his picture and heard the story of Michael on a documentary video.. I’m sending love from Missouri

    – Tiffany
  13. I walked today in the Canton, Ohio firefighters memorial stair climb. Me and Michael Lynch walked up and down stairs together. He watched over me and made sure to cheer me on every step. Although I was not able to complete the 1980 steps. I gave it a valiant effort in the heat. To Michael’s family, know that his memory will forever live on.

    – Ryan Shanower
  14. R.I.P gone but never forgotten.

    – Janet Dickson
  15. What a hero, I was in New York last week and saw the rose in Michael’s name.
    Now back home in the UK have found out about his brave hero.
    Rest in peace you will never be forgotten.
    Ian Pike, Romsey UK 12/15/2019

    – Ian Pike
  16. Went to New York From Texas on Dec. 12, 2019. Went by the Firehouse and saw Mike’s name. We went to the 911 Memorial and saw his White flower. I never knew him and i was drawn to his Name. I turned 50 this year. I’m sorry he did not. Thank you Mike for you bravery and sacrfice.

    – Donnie Putman
  17. Thinking of you today, buddy… You will always be deservedly remembered, not just as a hero on the anniversary of such an epic event, or a memorialized name on a sacred monument, but as a really funny, all around good friend- the kind of old soul you really do miss not having around as you get a little older and hopefully wiser. You’ll always be remembered with a smile, Mike…

    – Mark G
  18. Im watching youtube’s “911-the firefighter story” and am so touched at the way your son was found…shielding a woman from the collapse. What a beautiful but tragic way his life ended…by saving another…..

    – Esmeralda Quinones
  19. Such a beautiful tribute to a kind and sweet soul and incredible human being. He was in many of my classes at St. Frances’. I will remember him always and wish his family peace and love.

    – Regina McGough
  20. RIP Michael from your cousins in Ireland thinking of the family today

    – David Reynolds
  21. Michael….
    We will never forget!

    God bless the Lynch Clan of the Bronx, NYC

    Fr Mychal Judge, FDNY Chaplin
    Mychal’s Prayer

    Take me where you want me to go,
    Let me meet who you want me to meet,
    Tell me what you want me to say,
    Keep me out of Your way.

    – Brian Muldoon
  22. Today on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, I visited a Memorial for all victims in Oak Brook, Il., hosted by True Patriot Care. Each victim of 9/11 was represented by flag on a flagpole with their name and something about them on an attached card. The Memorial Field was quite moving. You could purchase the flag. I purchased the flag for Michael. I promise to fly his flag with honor.

    – Cathy W.
  23. To fallen hero who carried on the tradition of Irish Americans in the fire department
    Putting their lives on the line so others might live.
    Rest in peace with the angels

    – M Donnelly
  24. My name is Justin. I am a captain for a fire department in Kansas. This weekend I will be participating in the Kansas City 9/11 Memorial stair climb. I’m honored to be climbing for Michael. I just thought you might like to know that he has not been forgotten and he is still being remembered. Thank you for your sacrifice

    – Justin
  25. Hello, like Robert Hines below, I became familiar with Michael and his legacy through the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL on 10SEP22. We were honored to read his story and say his name at the completion as our honoree. He will live on in the memory of those who loved him and myself. As a veteran of the Afghan war and retiree from the US Army, I am humbled by the selfless service demonstrated and sacrifice those like Michael made on 9/11. Respectfully, Nathan.

    – Nathan Held
  26. Moved by your beautiful words about the life Michael lived. You will all be in my prayers as Sept the 11th and the days of your story that followed come around once again.
    God bless you.

    – Eilern
  27. My friend from the Court in our Flushing apartments. Although we haven’t seen each other since kids I remember and will always be honored to know a true American Hero as you truly are.

    – Jeff O’Brien
  28. We all need to love each other, every country every race. God bless Michael and love to his family from Nottingham England, you did a brilliant job having a son like him.

    – Shaun Lowndes
  29. I just heard his story. The man was/is a hero an angel.

    – Timothy Anderson
  30. FF Michael Lynch you are not forgotten. Today you were my running partner for Tunnel to Towers run in Swansboro NC. It was an honor!

    – Carolyn Amdahl
  31. Today I climbed the 911 Stair Climb I Forsyth County, GA. I was given Michael’s name to carry. What an Honor- Karla

    – Karla Herrick
  32. To Michael’s family,

    On the 22nd anniversary of 9/11, I walked the Red Rocks stair climb in Colorado in memory of Michael F. Lynch in full gear as an aspiring firefighter.

    Michael was a hero and is not forgotten.

    – Robert O.