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Roll of Honor

Age: 37
Year of Death: 2007

Michael L. Fox

Submitted by his Family

Michael Lee Fox
Vergennes Fire Department – Illinois
Classification: Volunteer
Rank: Firefighter
Date of Death: February 2‚ 2007
Age: 37

At age 18‚ Mike sparked an interest in joining his town’s volunteer fire department; he served for 20 years. As the years passed‚ he became more involved with the whole aspect of helping others. He took classes to become a first responder‚ and every time those tones dropped‚ he never missed a call. Usually the first one at the firehouse‚ Mike was always ready to answer his call of duty. His love of children always prompted him to volunteer at the Vergennes grade school’s Fire Safety Week to help educate the kids on what to do‚ when to do it‚ and how to do it.

Mike’s cousin wrote this poem in his honor for his memorial service.

‘For Mike – Our Hero’

For all emergencies he’s right there to bring hope and save the day.
The first responder to the weak‚ when an ambulance is on the way.
A fireman to shield our home when we thought all was lost.
His arms open to welcome the children and to be their Santa Claus.
Service is what we know of him and how he’s touched our lives.
When someone needed him‚ there was Michael‚ no surprise.
Amazed at his love for children‚ they’re so perfect in their playing‚
With a small one in his arms‚ ‘There goes Michael with his babies.’
Before we came to Earth‚ we made the choice to be right here‚
We have no choice when we leave‚ but that’s not something we should fear.
Sometimes we pass before we’re born‚ or after a hundred and five.
Either way‚ it seems not long enough or fair that we survive.
There is more to life than just this world; there is hope beyond the veil;
Where eternity is our bliss and our bodies are not so frail.
Our spirits live on to learn and grow‚ almost the same way‚
Then we’ll reunite with our bodies‚ just before our judgment day.
Service is what they’ll know of him on the other side‚
And when someone needs him‚ there’ll be Michael‚ no surprise.
Millions of children for him to hold‚ a phrase to come just maybe‚
When a child laughs out loud‚ they’ll say‚ ‘There goes Michael with his babies!’

When the tones dropped on the night of February 2nd‚ 2007‚ as usual Mike was the first to the firehouse. In all the rush of adrenaline on the way to that call to help a person in need‚ Mike had a fatal heart attack. The ‘heart’ of our small town volunteer fire department is missed in a way no words could possibly describe!

Submitted by a Cousin

Mike spent 20 years as a firefighter and first responder. Mike was very involved in teaching fire safety at the Vergennes grade school.

Mike had such a big heart when it came to helping others in the time of need from his first responder calls to just helping people in his community.

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