Roll of Honor

Milton E. Major

  • Union Fire Company
  • Pennsylvania
  • Year of Death: 1988

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Memorial Wall

  1. I did not know Milt Major, but from what all of the old heads(OFGs) as we call them within my department say that Milt was the epitome of what it meant to be a firefighter and engine operator. Milt was a steadfast driven man who always wanted to be first in. His favorite truck was Engine 375 which was a custom pumper that my company ordered many years ago. Recently we have ordered and put into service a 2017 Pierce Saber, which is designated Engine 375 in his memory. Inscribed on the interior doors is the quote “everyone goes home”. Whether it be home to our families, home to our final resting place, or home to
    Emmitsburg where they will someday call our names. Although many of us did not have the honor of knowing Milt, his memory will forever live on within the new generations of the Union Fire Company.

    – Dominick Lazaro II