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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Battalion Chief
Age: 45
Year of Death: 2001

Orio Joseph Palmer

Orio Joseph Palmer‚ 45‚ battalion chief‚ FDNY‚ Battalion 7. Palmer‚ a 20-year veteran of the FDNY‚ began his career at Engine 46 in the Bronx. He rose steadily through the ranks at firehouses in Brooklyn‚ Queens‚ and Manhattan before becoming battalion chief. Colleagues knew him as a determined firefighter and a talented instructor; he taught firefighters studying for promotional exams and authored numerous articles on fire safety.

Palmer lived in Valley Stream‚ N.Y.‚ with his wife and three children. Called the Music Man by his family‚ Palmer loved listening to music‚ taking neighborhood kids fishing‚ and promoting the lost art of stickball.

Memorial Posts


Memorial Wall

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  1. Rest in Peace Orio, you served your country a great deal on 9/11. I would just like to thank you for being brave enough to go into the towers.

    – Ethan Perkins
  2. My most gracious apologies for your selflessness during the attack. The tragedy of your loss for you family and country, reminds me to keep pushing forward to defend and uphold duty and honor. The courage you displayed as a first responder, words cannot express the gratitude. I hope to do justice in your honor, through out remembrance because of your sacrifice reminds us all to come together. People are what matter, duty to protect and serve. Orio, the angel you now are. You give me courage to continue in my service for our great country.

    With the utmost respect.

    – Lyna Tuon
  3. Today in Atlanta, GA I humbly climbed in honor of Orio. I wore his picture; read his story. No simple words can express my gratitude for his sacrifice. I pray his family feels his legacy living on.

    – Alecia
  4. Thank you for your sacrifice brother. I climbed in Kingsport TN carrying his picture. May the Lord hold his family close and know that he will always be in the hearts of his brothers and sisters in the fire service. Rest easy Chief Palmer we got it from here.

    – Jason
  5. Thank you for your service Orio. I read about you years ago and every year on 9/11 your name comes to mind and I just wanted to say thanks.

    – Mollie Fabry
  6. I looked up to you Orio when I was younger. You are one of those people who only comes around once in a lifetime. Your legacy will live on today, tomorrow, and forever! Thank you for everything that you gave that day..RIP Orio

    – Jay
  7. i will always have your photo in my facebook feautured photos. just yours…

    – chinee
  8. Orio Palmer, you will be missed. Your selfless bravery making it up to the site of impact on 9/11 was heroic and the bravery of your fellow firefighters was evident even when immediate danger was imminent. Because of your selfless acts of bravery that day, many civilians survived. Rip Orio Palmer and 343 FDNY. New York City’s Bravest. May your legacy live on and may other firefighters look up to your example.

    – Gabe
  9. The world need people like you Orio.You were a hero. Your children could be proud of his father.

    – Diego
  10. Honored to complete the 9/11 Tower Challenge in tucson arizona wearing Orio Palmer’s name on my wristband. Never forget.

    – Katie Maxwell
  11. Orio Palmer, I recently watched a documentary of the 9/11 Event. I just wanted to say thank you for what you did on that day. Your a hero in my eyes!

    – John Stewart
  12. I first saw you and countless colleagues of yours walk into those burning buildings while others ran out – in a documentary when I was little. Although I never knew you, when times are tough, I think of sacrifices like yours the courage you had and if gives me strength. Thank you.

    – Anon
  13. I have seen and read about your heroic sacrifice on 911!!! You are just the epitome of courage and selflessness displayed on that great and terrible day!!! You’re somebody I would’ve loved to have met and got to know. I would have been honored to shake your hand and tell you well done Battalion Chief Palmer!!!!!

    – David Wheeler
  14. Rest in peace Orio, i have just heard your story and appreciate how incredibly brave you were, and your fellow firefighters. Thank you.

    – lee wall
  15. I’m a daughter of a retired fireman and the sister of an active fireman. I know what amazing character and bravery it takes to do that job. I feel as though in some strange way it’s a family member and I’m humbled by this man’s bravery.

    – Colleen
  16. Today I climbed 2200 stairs in honor of Battalion Chief Orio Joseph Palmer at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, “We Climb Because They Climbed” event in remembrance of 911. It was an honor and very humbling for me. I will never forget.

    – Katrina Smelley
  17. May God bless your family Chief. You are a hero and role model for all men of any age. May you rest easy and know that you set the standard for the rest of us to follow.

    – Troy David Bowers
  18. Thank you very much for your service oreo ♡♡♡ j ♡♡♡ palmer ♡♡♡

    – caroline junior
  19. Orio Palmer sounds like such an amazing man God bless.

    – stephen Dunn
  20. The whole reason I quit college and enlisted in the military after 9/11. Being that my paternal grandfather was born and raised in upstate New York, I felt obligated to serve knowing that one of the victims and heroes of that day was family. Rest easy, Chief!

    – Joe Palmer
  21. I will tell my children about you and try to keep your name going for as long as I can! You are my hero! ❤️

    – Andrew Wilt
  22. I saw the story of Orio all these years today for the first time and I sobbed repeatedly. This gentleman is the epitome of a hero and of selflessness. I’m so sorry for your loss, and I can’t stop crying over it. If there is a Heaven, you are right by Gods throne. I am SO sorry. I wish I could have helped you.

    – Allan Benoit
  23. Rest in peace Orio I just watched a documentary and heard about your courage on the 78th floor, you are a true hero and my hero an inspiration to want to help others.

    – Carlos
  24. Thank you.
    So brave.
    A true hero.
    A true man.
    May God bless your family.
    Rest In Peace.

    – Katie
  25. It’s unfair how you left so soon. You deserved so much more, you deserved all the good this world has to offer. You were a brave man and will always be a hero for generations to come. You served your country bravely and died a hero. I hope you’re resting up in heaven. Praying for you and your family, rest in peace, power and love, sir <3

    – S
  26. God in heaven, you’ve touched my heart from your selflessness to your honest eyes after watching 60 minutes tonight. I will be honoring your legacy, mark my words. As a young African American citizen I can honestly say I love you. From Philadelphia with love.

    – Chad Stephens
  27. Orio was a real hero. My heart breaks when I remember all these fearless men who gave their debt to people, their comrades, relatives, and, most importantly, to themselves. Rest in peace. We will always remember you

    – Ivan Krylov
  28. May your soul rest in peace!

    – Umar Waseem
  29. Thank you brother for the making the ultimate sacrifice. I climbed on Saturday 9/9 in Green Bay, WI in your honor.

    – Chris Kuna
  30. may you rest in peace,you served well,you will forever be remembered in the hearts of people,and engraved into the memorial that know lays where the towers once stood,rest in peace.

    – zailyn sickmeier
  31. rest in peace great grandfather.

    – juile palmer
  32. It’s 2024 and although I have watched many 9/11 videos I just recently saw the 60 Minutes show on YouTube. Orio Palmer is a man of TRUE GRIT. He was the only hope for those trapped on the floors above and I will always remember his name because of the selfless courage he demonstrated

    – Ivan DeSantis