Roll of Honor

Paul W. Murdoch

Paul W. Murdoch

  • Fire Chief
  • Greybull Volunteer Fire Department
  • Wyoming
  • Age: 53
  • Year of Death: 2017

Paul always knew he wanted to be a firefighter. His dad and uncle served on a volunteer fire department, and his dad served for 25 years as fire chief. For his 5th birthday, Paul was given a fire truck that held water, so he would go out in the backyard and start little fires so he could practice putting them out. When he was 21, he was elected to the Greybull Volunteer Fire Department. In 1997, he was promoted to fire chief, a position he held until his death. In addition to serving on the fire department, he was also an EMT on the local ambulance and was owner of his own business, Murdoch Oil Inc.

Whether in the workplace, at the scene of a fire, or on ambulance calls, he was a man who stood tall. With his 6′ 7″ inch frame, it was true not only in stature but also in the way he was regarded by his peers and those who knew him best. If there was one quality about Paul that stood out above all the rest, it might have been his ability to lead. He was well respected and had total loyalty from his employees. He had a gift for assessing a situation with the fire department or ambulance and seeing immediately the path that needed to be taken. While Paul was serving as fire chief, the Greybull Fire Department built a new fire hall and upgraded virtually all of its vehicles and equipment.

He was very involved with the Elks Club and could be found on many Friday nights cooking dinners with his buddies for functions. He never strived to be the center of attention, but he always was. He served as a director on the local bank board. Paul had a zest for life and enjoyed traveling, old cars, snowmobiling, and parties at his man cave, always surrounded by the many friends he had in his life.

He was very happily married to his wife, Claudine, for almost 30 years and was extremely proud of his two sons, Preston and Nicholas. Both boys have gone on to follow in his footsteps with the business and in their role on the fire department and as EMTs.

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