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Richard L. Crosby Sr.

Richard L. Crosby Sr.

  • Firefighter
  • Casnovia Township Fire Department
  • Michigan
  • Age: 67
  • Year of Death: 2015

Richard Leo “Dick” Crosby Sr. went on his last call, came home to go to bed, and had a massive heart attack. He passed away at the age of 67 as a volunteer fireman for the Casnovia Township Fire Department after 44 years of service. He loved to help others and to serve his community.

Richard was brought into this world by his parents, Richard and Catherine Crosby, in Muskegon, Michigan. His mother still resides there. He met his wonderful wife, Charlene, and they had a wonderful life for 45 years before he lost her to the Lord. They had three wonderful children, Tami, Richard Jr., and David. They became grandparents, and that was their proudest moment. He is also survived by his second wife, Kathleen Crosby.

Richard fell in love with big equipment and motors. He found his passion. He worked at Miller Equipment Company in Grand Rapids for many years. He took his passion even further and tinkered in the hobby of lawnmowers and helping others with fixing theirs. He was always playing with them. He helped his nephew get into lawnmower racing and had so much fun with that.

He loved nature and history. He was a member of Howard City Conservation Club. He loved to teach young people about the history of our nation.

Richard’s greatest joy was his family at the fire department. He was so proud to be part of such a special family. He loved that he could drive fast and get away with it. He loved to help people, and if he could save just one person, then that is all that mattered. He wanted to die doing what he loved doing. He was OK with leaving this earth helping his fellow man.

He was proud to be a volunteer firefighter.


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