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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 63
Year of Death: 2018

Ronald P. Svec

Ron was born in NYC. He was raised in the Bronx and loved being involved in sports, loved to play basketball and exceled at it. His dad was a police officer for NYC, which gave Ron the drive to become a firefighter for the City of New York.

Ron joined the FDNY in 1989 and served for 20 years at L82 – E162- B23. He dedicated his service to the City of New York, sacrificing his life for others.

Ron showed his selflessness in his act of bravery by responding to our country’s greatest tragedy on 9/11. He was not working that day but went in, just like many of his fellow firefighters who were not working that day, to help others. He and his brothers of the FDNY did not run away from the danger that day but went in with the hope of helping others. He spent weeks toiling the remains in the aftermath cleanup. His response to his sickness as a result of this was, “This is what we signed up for.” Always a man of no self-pity, his true spirit was for the FDNY and this country.

Ron suffered for nine years with cancer as a result from his time spent on the pile. He went for treatment after treatment, dealt with brutal side effects, learned how to walk again, and never complained. He endured pain that most people would not see in a lifetime and did it with the utmost courage and determination. He always had the will to live, even at his lowest points, pushing himself at times beyond his limits. He thanked all doctors and nurses along the way and thanked the police officers and paramedics right to the second before he passed away; they could not believe he was so sick. He was a true gentleman.

Ron was a giant of a man, of very few words, but his big smile told his story. He truly enjoyed life, in good times and bad. He enjoyed cheering his favorite teams, the Mets and Jets, and as hard as that is, he never gave up on them, a true fan. He loved to be outside in the sunshine, enjoying fishing and gardening, which was the soft side of him.

Ron is missed most by his wife of 34 years, Sharon. He was her rock, her shining star, her everything. Also deeply missing him are his sister, father in-law, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, niece, extended family, his brothers of the FDNY, and friends.

God Bless all who serve, God Bless Ron, and God Bless the FDNY.

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  1. Miss you you always.
    Hugs up there, Joanne

    – Joanne Svec Matuzas