Roll of Honor

Ronnie M. McAndrew

  • Captain
  • Arlington Fire Department
  • Texas
  • Year of Death: 1990

Submitted by his Wife

Ronnie served 20 years with the city having achieved the rank of Captain at the time of his death. He also proudly served in the Unites States Navy for 4 years. He received many awards from Mayor Richard Greene on behalf of the city of Arlington and some of them are as follows:

  • The Mayors Roundtable
  • Outstanding achievement in promoting the City and Convention Center
  • Ambassador of Good Will for visitors

He completed many achievements by successfully completing classes at The National Fire Academy. One of his most honorable achievements was helping the Arlington Fire Department put together the HazMat team.

He is survived by his wife Jacky and two children Brandi and Keith; his mother and father; one brother and one sister; several aunts and uncles and numerous cousins. He is also survived by many brothers from the Arlington Fire Department.

If you are ever in Arlington‚ Texas – ask someone where Ron McAndrew Drive is. That is very special to his family for Ronnie to have a street named after him in front of the fire training center where Ronnie trained rookies. His hometown of Hamilton‚ Texas also has a memorial to Ronnie in front of the library.

I also have a memorial every year at Christmas. My children and I do a Christmas tree and all the ornaments are fire ornaments. Every year we add more ornaments and this keeps Ronnie in our heart at Christmas.

The fondest memory out of many was the year Ronnie died. My husband and I were going to take a cruise. We decided to wait on the cruise and take Keith and Brandi‚ our two children‚ on a vacation. That was the last vacation my children spent with their Dad. I am so glad we followed our heart. Ronnie died that same year in November 1990.

Ronnie loved golf and sports – mostly the Texas Longhorns‚ but most of all and always first Ronnie loved his family. We were blessed to have Ronnie in our lives and he will always be in our hearts.

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Memorial Wall

  1. You will always be in my heart. We love you and miss you dearly. I know you are looking down saying you love us too.Your loving wife and childrenJacky, Keith and BrandiP.S. You have a grandson named after you.

    – Jacky
  2. I’ve always wondered where the street name came from down your way. It’s truly good to see that one with my name was such an honorable man. I also wonder if ‘your’ Ron was a descendant of James McAndrew (brother to my great grandfather William Senter McAndrew of Chestnut Hill, Tennessee). James went to Texas in the lat 1800’s and I don’t know much else about his family.
    Ron McAndrew

    – Ron McAndrew
  3. Ron;
    My Dad’s biological father was named William Senter McAndrew – My Grandmother Willie Merlene Smith (Formerly Willie McAndrew) AKA “Sug” Smith was a native of Hamilton, Texas…Not sure how old you are, but could be the SAME William Senter McAndrew?

    – Keith McAndrew