Roll of Honor

Steven Allan Sullivan

Steven Allen Sullivan

  • Chief
  • Nicol Volunteer Fire Department
  • Alabama
  • Age: 54
  • Year of Death: 2008

Steven “Allan” Sullivan was born in San Antonio, Texas, to Lester and Marjorie Sullivan. Soon after his birth, the family moved to Chicago, Illinois, where Allan remained until he entered the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. After discharge, he returned to Chicago to work for his father in his privately owned business.

Allan’s parents divorced, and his mother moved back to Tuscaloosa, her childhood home. While visiting his mother, Allan met his future wife, eventually marrying, and making Tuscaloosa his home. Allan opened his own plastering and painting business, which he operated until his death.

In 1998, the community in which Allan lived united to start a volunteer fire department. Allan was elected chief and served until his death ten years later. The firehouse was a converted barn, with a dirt floor and no heat. Nicol now has trucks and equipment worth over $250,000, some of which was donated in his memory.

The first year in operation, Nicol Fire was honored as “Fire Department of the Year” by the Tuscaloosa County Fire Association. Allan was chosen “Firefighter of the Year” by his department. Until this day, Nicol is still housed in the same barn, now heated by gas heaters. Allan’s dream is still intact that one day a better building will be built.

Allan had a passion for serving his community and was a trusting, helpful person to anyone that needed his help. It was an ongoing saying that if you needed to borrow something from him, even if he were using it, he would let you borrow it. He was an artist, and his skills were superior. He was honored for his work by the Tuscaloosa Historical Society. Allan never met a stranger. People from all walks of life referred to him as “friend.”

Allan became a member of the Moose Lodge in 2005 and was voted his first year there as “Rookie of the Year.” He quickly moved up the ranks to become governor in 2007. The lodge was struggling when he became governor, but he diligently worked, taking on many tasks himself to bring the Tuscaloosa Lodge to one of the best in Alabama.

He was a people person with a heart of gold. Whatever he undertook, he gave one hundred percent. He responded for fire calls whatever the weather, no matter how sick or tired.

Allan left behind his widow, one son, a daughter in-law, and a granddaughter. Although he had only a year with his granddaughter, he loved her deeply, and she touched his heart.

He left a legacy for his community service and willingly helping those in need. There are many who still have their own story to tell about this special man. He was just a simple person with a huge heart.

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