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Terry Lee Watts

Terry Lee Watts

  • Lieutenant
  • Shelby County Fire Department
  • Tennessee
  • Age: 51
  • Year of Death: 2021

Terry Lee Watts was born August 23, 1969. He graduated from Northside High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in fire science from Waldorf University. Watts began his career in firefighting as a reserve in Arlington Fire Department. He served at various fire departments, including Horne Lake Fire Department, where he served part-time, and Jackson Fire Department, before joining the Shelby County Fire Department in 2006. During his career with Shelby County, he obtained Instructor I, Fire Officer I-IV, and several other certifications. He served as NAFI member, HAZMAT technician, advanced emergency medical technician, vice president and grievance chairperson for IAFF local 2585. He also served as code enforcement, deputy chief, and fire chief in Mason, Tennessee. Watts was employed part-time with Eagle Medical Center and Methodist University Hospital.

In addition to his love for firefighting, Terry Watts enjoyed spending time with his family, martial arts, and music, and he always endeavored to remain true to family values of the highest order. Terry Watts was the proud husband of Gwenise Watts, with whom he shared 21 beautiful years of marriage. He was the proud father of four children and the doting grandfather of six grandchildren. He leaves behind an indelible legacy and probity in public life, compassion and loyalty in private life, and diligence and dedication in all his chosen endeavors. It is fitting that we should remember the bountiful life of this exceptional public servant and human being.

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