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Age: 37
Year of Death: 2001

Thomas M. Butler

Thomas M. Butler‚ 37‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Squad 1. A 12-year veteran with the FDNY‚ Butler had previously worked as a New York City police officer. He worked part-time as the bay constable in Smithtown‚ N.Y. He lived nearby with his wife‚ Martha‚ and three children. A military history buff‚ Butler also enjoyed outdoor sports with his wife‚ such as hiking‚ running‚ biking‚ skiing‚ and diving.

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  1. It was a honor to climb for this fallen firefighter on 9/5/15 in Dallas,TX. If his family sees this I am truly sorry for your loss and know that A climb can no way be enough justice for what yall lost. I Just want you to know it was my HONOR to do it.

  2. I climbed for this hero in OKC on 9/3/16. Whenever I got tired or felt out of breath I thought about the tireless efforts the Brave 343 put forth that day and dug deep. My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this time.

    – Casey Roe
  3. May you rest in peace Tommy.

    – Lorena (Sauer) Ledbetter, KPHS Class of '84
  4. I climbed 120 flights of stairs today 9/15/17 at Lambeau field in Green Bay, WI in honor of Thomas Butler. May you be reminded of his memories and be comforted that his legacy lives on all across the world. ❤️

    – Kristin
  5. It was a great honor to climb the Memorial climb at Lambeau Field today in his memory.

    – Sandy Roeder
  6. I’m climbing this Saturday 9/8/18 for and all the other hero’s we lost!

    – Kevin
  7. I had the honor of climbing for Thomas Butler at Lambeau field today. Thank you to his family.

    – Lisa Wheeler
  8. I had the honor of climbing for Thomas Butler today 9/22/18 at Lambeau field.

    – Lisa Wheeler
  9. Today I had the honor of climbing in your name in Lancaster, PA. We will never forget your sacrifice.

    – Emily Sarver
  10. I had the honor of climbing for Thomas Butler at Kings Park, Smithtown New York 10/28/2019. We will never forget your sacrifice and thank you to his family.

    – Jin Shin
  11. Met your father at ground zero, he said I looked like his son, same red hair, found out later that you were never found, I was a firefighter on duty at the time in Liverpool England, came over to help out, February 2002, RIP Brother

    – John Cash
  12. September 2021
    On this the 20th anniversary of the attack on 9/11, please know your firefighter family will never forget you, Thomas. To the Butler family, know Thomas is a true HERO!!

    – Lisa Hopman
  13. I remember a fun loving young boy who was friends with a boyfriend of mine back in high-school. KPHS class of 82. Never forgotten. I say a prayer for him and his family every year

    – Barbara A Langman
  14. I attended the memorial service today at Curlew Hills, Palm Harbor Florida and was given a bracelet with the name “Thomas Butler, Firefighter, Squad1.” I am so grateful and honored to wear his badge of honor. I am so sorry and proud to honor Thomas. Thank you, Thomas. I will remember and honor your name as long as I alive.

    – Geralyn Culhane
  15. My family and I took part in the 9/11 climb in Thomasville, Ga, today, September 9, 2022. It was a privilege to represent and to honor Thomas Butler and his family. What a sacrifice and service to your country you has shown! I will never forget his name and will keep his family in my thoughts. I look forward to honoring more of the people who sacrificed their lives to protect others.

    – Vanessa Patz
  16. It was my honor to walk in his memory today in the Lambeau Stairclimb 2022 in Green Bay, Wi.

    – Steven Schuster
  17. It was my honor to walk in his memory today in the Lambeau Stairclimb 2022 in Green Bay, Wi. His Family will always know He died a Hero. As will I.

    – Steven Schuster
  18. You will never be forgotten Thomas.

    – Frank G. Butler II
  19. I climbed the 9/11 challenge for you today I’m Tucson Arizona. Thank you for your service. It was an honor.

    – Ashley G.
  20. It will be an honor climbing in your name Firefighter Butler. Thank you for your sacrafice. This one’s for you. 9/10/2023

    – Nick Nguyen
  21. I honored you in a stair climb in 2014. I trained for 6 months and did the climb in my turn out gear with an SCBA on my back – as you did brother. God bless you.

    – Gary Kosinski
  22. Thomas Butler Family— just want you to know Thomas isn’t forgotten. In his honor I walked the stairs in Springfield Mo. this morning. I was thinking about you and your children as I climbed. Bless you all for giving up your husband and father for his heroic act! My heart goes out to your family!

    Steve Wutke

    – Steve Wutke