Roll of Honor

Vannie D. Keever

Vannie D. Keever

  • Assistant Chief
  • Gulfport / Gladstone Fire Protection District
  • Illinois
  • Age: 54
  • Year of Death: 2003

Submitted by his family

Vannie was a very loving husband‚ father‚ and friend to many. His life was short but he accomplished a great deal in his 54 years.

His life was taken while he was doing something he loved very much‚ being a volunteer fireman for Gulfport Gladstone Fire District. He was Assistant Fire Chief and was also a member of the Rescue Squad.

Vannie donated his time doing fish fries‚ soup suppers and anything else he could to help better the fire department. Actually‚ he donated his time to help just about anyone at anytime. An invitation was never necessary just the words that help was needed.

This was also true of the surrounding towns of Biggsville‚ IL and Oquawka‚ IL and their local fire department. While he was working in Biggsville‚ about five miles from home‚ the local fire department didn’t have enough firemen available for the daytime so he joined to assist during the day when needed.

Vannie was a member of the Oquawka Fire Department for eight years prior to moving to Gladstone.

Vannie and Edna Keever were married 36 _ years. We have four children: Fay‚ Tammy‚ Sherry‚ and Vannie Jr and six grandchildren whom he loved very much.

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