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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 38
Year of Death: 2008

Walter P. Harris

Firefighter Walter P. Harris was killed in a roof collapse while fighting a fire that had been intentionally set in a vacant residential structure. A 17-year veteran with the department‚ he worked his entire career at the Squad 3/Engine 23 firehouse.

Walter grew up on east side of Detroit and graduated from Detroit De La Salle High School. After graduation‚ he went to the fire academy.

Walter was a minister at Community Christian Fellowship Church

Walter Harris was survived by his wife‚ Syri; and his six sons‚ James‚ Robert‚ Patrick‚ Caleb‚ Walter Jr.‚ and Christian.

His son‚ James Hill Harris‚ also a member of Detroit Fire Department‚ said: He taught life lessons about integrity and hard work. His favorite saying was‚ ‘I can sleep when I’m dead‚ but for now I’ve got work to do.’ He showed me: This is what it means to be a father and husband. This is what it means to be a man.

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  1. I salute you Walter Harris Sr for your service to our city. Mother of Dwayne Albert

    – Scarlett Johnson
  2. I heard about you at center line high school, I’m so happy to hear that you were a hard working man and was a minister. You are a true hero and a loving father. And for the family I want you to know that Jesus is always with you and will always love you. God bless you guys

    – Adrian younus
  3. Thank you for everything

    – Ifty