Local Assistance State Team

Local Assistance State Team (LAST)
The Local Assistance State Team (LAST) Program is a collaborative effort between the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. The foundation realized that to best assist families and departments who had lost a firefighter in the line of duty – they needed to have trained personnel on the ground and available to help when requested within six hours of death. This could only be accomplished by developing a team of trained responders in each state who could be deployed immediately upon notification of a line-of-duty death. The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation began training personnel in these functions in October 2006 at the United States Fire Administration campus in Emmitsburg, Maryland, and has continued this training across the country wherever potential team members are available. Funds from the Department of Defense, Bureau of Justice Assistance grant make this vital program possible. No National Fallen Firefighters Foundation donation funds are used to perform any of the LAST functions.

When a line-of-duty death is reported to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, the Coordinator of the Local Assistance State Team, in that state, is notified and they immediately make contact with the chief of the effected department or his/her designee and offer the assistance of the Local Assistance State Team. That assistance can include operational support to ensure the continuance of service to the community, any and all needed support to the family of the fallen firefighter, planning and coordination of funeral activities, assistance in obtaining behavioral health counseling for family and department members, and the preparation of local, state and federal benefit claims. While these teams may perform many important functions their primary responsibility, when requested, is to assist with the preparation and submission of the Public Safety Officers Benefit claim. The Local Assistance State Team will only assist after being requested and then will operate in a transparent manner behind the scenes to accomplish their tasks.

These Local Assistance State Teams are made up of members who come from all areas of public safety, as well as survivors of line-of-duty deaths, and volunteers from all lines of work. They are all passionate about helping those who have suffered the loss of a family member or department member in the line of duty. Whenever possible, the team coordinator is a Fire Chief who has experienced a line of duty death and has in-depth knowledge of his state and its fire service activities. The coordinator will designate one or two backup positions to his position to ensure that there is someone available should there be a line of duty death in their state. There are many specialty members on each team such as a honor guard commander, chaplain, survivor, logistics specialist and benefit specialist just to mention a few. In large states, teams will try to duplicate these specialties in different areas of the state in order to shorten response times to all areas of the state. Team deployment can be as few as one member to a complete activation of the team depending on what assistance is requested by the department that has lost a member.

If you are from a state where a team does not exist, please contact John Proels at jproels@firehero.org for more information.

» Download (PDF): About the Local Assistance State Team Program

To report a LODD please call toll free at 866-736-5868.

Find Your State Contact(s)


24hr. Emergency Contact – (800) 392-5679

C. Reid Vaughan, Planning Officer
Alabama Fire College
Phone: 205-499-6905
E-mail: rvaughan@alabamafirecollege.org

John James, Regional Training Center Coordinator
Alabama Fire College
Phone: 256-810-8795
E-mail: jjames@alabamafirecollege.org


Assistant Chief Steve Crouch
North Star Volunteer Fire Department
Voice: 907-488-3400
Cell: 907-378-4682
E-mail: scrouch@northstarfire.org


Chief Paul Bourgeois
Apache Junction Fire District
Work: 480-982-4440
Cell: 480-682-7763
E-mail: paul.bourgeois@sfmd.az.gov

Assistant Chief Pat Abel – Alternate CAST
Golder Ranch Fire District
Work: 520-825-9001
Cell: 520-954-4009
E-mail: pabel@golderranchfire.org

For immediate assistance or to report a line-of-duty death call 866-736-5868.


Rachael Nix
Arkansas Fire Academy
P.O. Box 3499
Camden, AR 71711
Phone: 870-574-1521
Phone: 870-574-0817
E-mail: rnix@sautech.edu


Hedi Jalon
Director, California Fire Foundation
Office: 916-921-9111
Cell: 916-208-5277
Fax: 916-921-1106
E-mail: hjalon@cpf.org
Website: www.cafirefoundation.org


Battalion Chief Robert Jones
Colorado River Fire Rescue
Phone: (970) 379-4597
E-mail: rob.jones@crfr.us
Website: www.crfr.us


Hal Grout (Primary Contact)
Deputy Commander-Operations, Connecticut Statewide Honor Guard
E-mail: fdpypr911@cox.net
Phone: 860-214-1092

Chief Nick DeLia
City of Groton Fire Department
E-mail: pentabugel@aol.com
Phone: 860-625-3106

Jeff Morrissette
Connecticut Fire Academy
Phone: 860-627-6363 x230 (24 Hours)


Chaplain Charlie Arnold
Delaware State Chiefs
E-mail: revca@mchsi.com
Phone: (302) 542-9783

District of Columbia

State Team Information Pending

For information on Local Assistance State Teams available near you please E-mail John Proels.
For immediate assistance or to report a line-of-duty death call 866-736-5868.


Doug Swartz
Largo Fire & Rescue Department
E-mail: flaswartz@aol.com or dswartz@largo.com
Cell: 727-487-3973


Dennis Thayer
Georgia Fallen Firefighters Foundation, Inc.
Cell: 678-787-2635
E-mail: dthayer@gafallenfirefighters.org

For immediate assistance or to report a line-of-duty death call 404-320-1505 or 888-320-1505.


Assistant Chief Thomas Perkins
Honolulu Fire Department
E-mail: tperkins@honolulu.gov

For immediate assistance or to report a line-of-duty death call 808-723-7104 or 800-662-0732.


Tracy Raynor, Deputy Chief (Ret.)
Phone: 208-869-5160
E-mail: tjraynor@hotmail.com


Chief Joe Holomy
City of Effingham Fire Department
Cell: 217-821-9877
E-mail: holomyj@ci.effingham.il.us

For immediate assistance or to report a line-of-duty death call 800-662-0732.


Eric Johnson
Indiana Fire & Emergency Services Memorial Team
E-mail: EricJohnson@SupportingHeroes.org
Office: 502-585-2282
Cell: 502-643-2677
Home: 502-365-1559


Ellen Hagen
Iowa Firemen’s Association
E-mail: elhagen@globalccs.net
Home: 515-827-5618
Cell: 515-689-0112


Ron Ewing
E-mail: setrustee@live.com
Phone: 620-366-5399

Shane Pearson
Phone: 785-667-4005
E-mail: ksffa2ndvp@gmail.com or shane.pearson@salina.org


Ronnie Day
Executive Director, Kentucky Fire Commission
E-mail: ronnie.day@kctcs.edu
Phone: 859-256-3478
Phone: 859-608-4652


State Team Information Pending

For information on Local Assistance State Teams available near you please E-mail John Proels.
For immediate assistance or to report a line-of-duty death call 866-736-5868.


Mike Robitaille, Chief
Yarmouth Fire-Rescue
E-mail: mrobitaille@yarmouth.me.us
Station: (207) 846-2410
Cell: (207) 240-9410
Fax: (207) 846-2447


Captain Michael Pfaltzgraff
Anne Arundel County Fire Department
E-mail: MDLAST@verizon.net
Cell: 410-991-8992
Fax: 443-458-0951


Deputy Chief Alan Manley
E-mail: ltsmanley@msn.com
Text and Cell: 508-264-1686
Home: 508-636-4000

Roger Nadeau
E-mail: rognadeau@gmail.com
Cell: 508-858-8053


Steven Richardson, President
Michigan State Firemen’s Association
Mobile: 989-590-2085
Office: 800-445-3844
E-mail: richardsonsteve85@yahoo.com

Jim Rose, Past President
Michigan State Firemen’s Association
Office: 800-445-3844
Mobile: 906-282-1223
E-mail: jrose@championinc.com


George Esbensen, President
Minnesota Fire Service Foundation
Cell: 763-242-1819
E-mail: gesbensen@edenprairie.org

Ken Prillaman, Operations Leader
Minnesota Fire Service Foundation
Cell: 763-443-4771
E-mail: Ken.prillaman@brooklynpark.org


Craig Woodard
Southaven Fire Department
Cell: 901-581-0611
E-mail: craigwdrd@gmail.com (Home) | cwoodard@southaven.org (Work)


FF/Paramedic Brian Zinanni
Missouri Firefighter Funeral Assistance Team
1-888-4911HELP (Ask for Funeral Team)
E-mail: Bzinanni@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.mofirefuneral.org


Assistant Chief Kevin Strickler
Belgrade/Central Valley Fire
Phone: 406-388-4480

Chaplain Les Anderson
Belgrade/Central Valley Fire
Phone: 406-388-4480


Karla Houfek
NE Serious Injury & Line of Duty Death Response Team
E-mail: karlajhoufek@gmail.com
Phone: 402-499-1773

Roseanne Scurto
Phone: 402-613-3084
E-mail: rscurto@independentforensics.com

Website: www.neresponseteam.org


State Team Information Pending

For information on Local Assistance State Teams available near you please E-mail John Proels.
For immediate assistance or to report a line-of-duty death call 866-736-5868.

New Hampshire

Mark Klose, Captain, NH CAST
Bedford, NH Fire Department
E-mail: Kowboy1668@yahoo.com
E-mail: mklose@ci.bedford.nh.us
Personal Cell: 603-396-0270
Work Phone: 603-396-0185

Robert (Bob) Welch, Firefighter, Asst. Team Leader
Manchester, NH Fire Department
E-mail: kiltedff@comcast.net
Work: 603-669-2256
Personal Cell: 603-582-0633

New Jersey

Greg W. Collier, Battalion Fire Chief
L.A.S.T. Coordinator, New Jersey Local Assistance State Team
“Supporting New Jersey’s Fire Service Survivors”
E-mail: everyonegoeshome@comcast.net
Phone: 202-642-3605
Cell: 609-743-3630

Michael Hall
Chief (Ret.), Collingswood Fire Department
E-mail: chief1601@hotmail.com

For immediate assistance or to report a line-of-duty death call 866-736-5868.

New Mexico

Fire Chief Doug Tucker
Los Alamos Fire Department
Work: 505-662-8309
Cell: 505-699-1784
E-mail: dw.tucker@lacnm.us

New York

State of New York
Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services
Office of Fire Prevention and Control
Fire Operations and Training Branch

Headquarters (518)474-6746 (24 hour notification)

Charles Morse
E-mail: Charles.Morse@dhses.ny.gov

Shawn Brimhall
E-mail: Shawn.Brimhall@dhses.ny.gov

North Carolina

Mike Edwards
Derrick Clouston
North Carolina Department of Insurance/Office of the State Fire Marshal
Phone: 919-661-5880 or 1-800-634-7854 (NC Only)

North Dakota

Captain Leon Schlafmann
Fargo Fire Department
Phone: 701-476-4069 (Office)
Cell: 701-541-3419
E-mail: lschlafmann@cityoffargo.com


Deputy Chief Ron Terriaco
Concord Twp. Fire Department
Cell: 440-666-0229
Office: 440-354-7504
E-mail: dc.terriaco@concordtwp.com

For immediate assistance or to report a line-of-duty death call 866-736-5868.


Bryan Beall
Silver City Fire Department
Home: 918-865-8384
Cell: 918-688-1860
E-mail: se2474@cimtel.net

Mike Mallory
Tulsa Fire Department
Cell: 918-527-0262
E-mail: mmallory@cityoftulsa.org


Tom McGowan, Battalion Chief/Paramedic
Medford Fire Rescue
Office: (541) 774-2305
Cell: (541) 659-7397
HQ: (541) 774-2400
E-mail: Thomas.McGowan@cityofmedford.org


Fire Commissioner Timothy Solobay
Office of the State Fire Commissioner
E-mail: tsolobay@pa.gov

Douglas Snyder
Eastern Area Field Supervisor
E-mail: douglassny@pa.gov

Mark Wineland
Western Area Field Supervisor
E-mail: mwineland@pa.gov

To report a line-of-duty death call the Pennsylvania State Emergency Operations Center (24 Hours) at 1-800-424-7362.

Rhode Island

Chief Oscar M. Elmasian
East Providence Fire Department
E-mail: Oelmasian@eastprovfire.com
Cell: 401-639-2853

South Carolina

Ashley Boltin
South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association
E-mail: ashley@scfirefighters.org
Cell: 803-960-7935
Work: 803-454-1805
Home: 803-732-6873

South Dakota

Mike Erickson
South Dakota Fire Marshal’s Office
E-mail: Mike.Erickson@state.sd.us
Cell: 605-280-8165

Battalion Chief Mike Clausen
Sioux Falls Fire Department
E-mail: mclauson@siouxfalls.org
Cell: 1-605-553-1889


Executive Director Paul Trumpore
Tennessee Federation of Fire Chaplains
E-mail: PNTrumpore@aol.com

For immediate assistance or to report a line-of-duty death call 866-736-5868.


Ms. Wendy Norris
Texas LODD Task Force
E-mail: fnffm@yahoo.com

For immediate assistance or to report a line-of-duty death call 866-736-5868.


Brad Wilkes
Layton Fire Department
Utah State Fire Chiefs Association
E-mail: bwilkes@laytoncity.org
Cell: 801-807-8822
Work: 801-336-3940
Home: 801-771-4332


Robert Kilpeck
Brandon Fire Department
E-mail: rjkilpeck@aol.com
Cell: 802-342-0369


Chief Brett Bowman
Manassas Fire and Rescue Department
E-mail: Bbowman@manassasva.gov
Phone: 703-257-8465

Division Chief (Ret.) Steve Poff
Roanoke County Fire & Rescue
E-mail: firescene@mindspring.com


Chaplain Pat Ellis
Kent Fire Department RFA
E-mail: pellis@kentfirerfa.org
Cell: 206-372-2663
Work: 253-856-5826

For immediate assistance or to report a line-of-duty death call 866-736-5868.

West Virginia

Ken Cline
E-mail: kennycline@suddenlink.net
Cell: 304-483-2615


Chief Steve Schreiber
Black River Falls Fire Department
E-mail: chiefschreiber@brffire.org
Office: 715-284-2656 x4
Work Cell: 715-896-2202
Home: 715-284-9003
Personal Cell: 715-896-0277

For immediate assistance or to report a line-of-duty death call 866-736-5868.


Mark Young
Asst. State Fire Marshal
E-mail: mark.young@wyo.gov
Office: 307-777-7933
Cell: 307-631-8661

Randy Vickers
Laramie Fire Department (Ret.)
E-mail: rjvick@aol.com
Cell: 307-760-5946

For more information contact:

John Proels, National Coordinator, Local Assistance State Team Program
2130 Priest Bridge Dr., Suite 6, Crofton, MD 21114 | Fax: (240) 510-9453 | E-mail: jproels@firehero.org