Tennessee Survivor Benefits

Survivor BenefitsUpdated October 2016


Career firefighters: $25,000 death benefit for career firefighters killed in the line of duty.

Volunteer firefighters: $25,000 death benefit for volunteer firefighters killed in the line of duty.

To be eligible for the volunteer firefighters death benefit, the deceased must have met each of the following criteria: been a member of a municipal or non-profit fire department registered and recognized by the TN State Fire Marshal’s Office; been an unpaid volunteer with such fire department; and must have been required to extinguish and control fires or fire-related incidents. The death must have occurred in the course of employment and as a result of the actual discharge of the duties of the position.

Department of Commerce and Insurance
500 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, TN 37243-0565
Phone: (615) 741-2241
Website: www.tennessee.gov/commerce
E-mail: Ask.TDCI@TN.Gov


Medical costs associated with death are paid when rendered by an authorized provider.

Career firefighters: Benefit is 66 2/3% of employee’s average weekly wages when there are dependents. Benefit paid biweekly to surviving spouse until amount due has been paid in full. The maximum benefit payable is based on the date of injury.

Upon remarriage, spousal benefits terminate. Children are considered dependent until age 18, age 22 if a full-time student, or longer if disabled and incapable of self-support. Lump sum of $20,000 payable to decedent’s estate if there are no surviving dependents.

Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Workers’ Compensation Division
220 French Landing Drive
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: (615) 741-2395 or (615) 741-6642
Website: www.state.tn.us/labor-wfd/wcomp.html
E-mail: wc.info@tn.gov


Maximum of $7,500 for burial expenses.

Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Workers’ Compensation Division
220 French Landing Drive
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: (615) 741-2395 or (615) 741-6642
Website: www.state.tn.us/labor-wfd/wcomp.html
E-mail: wc.info@tn.gov


Career firefighters: Only for members of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System. If the firefighter dies in the line of duty, the designated beneficiary receives a lump sum refund of the contributions and interest in the account and an additional amount equal to the accumulated contributions and interest. Only the spouse may elect to receive benefit as a monthly annuity.

Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System
Andrew Jackson State Office Building, 10th Floor
502 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243-0201
Phone: (800) 770-8277
Website: www.treasury.state.tn.us/tcrs


The Dependent Children Scholarship Program provides aid for Tennessee residents who are dependent children of a Tennessee law enforcement officer, fireman, or an emergency medical service technician who has been killed or totally and permanently disabled while performing duties within the scope of such employment. The scholarship is awarded to full-time undergraduate students attending eligible Tennessee institutions. The award may be renewed three times for a total of four years or the period required for the completion of the program of study. The recipient must be enrolled full-time and maintain satisfactory progress to remain eligible. The awards are subject to funding.

Applicant must also submit the properly-completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the application deadline. Contact TSAC for application information or click on one of the links above. To be considered, TSAC must receive the completed application and required documentation by the July 15 deadline.

Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation
404 James Robertson Parkway
Parkway Towers, Suite 1510
Nashville, TN 37243-0820
Phone: (615) 741-1346
Toll Free: (800) 342-1663
Fax: (615) 741-6101
Website: www.CollegePaysTn.com
Apply Online: clipslink.tsac.tn.gov/studentsignon/
E-mail: TSAC.Aidinfo@tn.gov




Kids’ Chance of Tennessee
Kathy Kirby-Smithson
Carlisle Medical
809 North Hampton Cove
Franklin, Tennessee 37064
Phone: (615) 336-1956
E-mail: kkirby59@gmail.com

Woodmen of the World
Woodmen Tower
1700 Farnham St
Omaha, NE 68102
Phone: (800) 225-3108
Website: www.woodmen.org
Woodmen of the World will pay a $10,000 fraternal death benefit if a qualified member is killed while performing his or her duties as a non-military first responder. To be eligible for this benefit, an individual must be a member in good standing of one of our other benefits.
First Responders include firefighters, EMT/paramedics, police or a person performing a supporting role to such individuals.



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