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Motorola Solutions Foundation Enhanced Scholarship Initiative

Motorola Solutions Foundation has consistently supported the Sarbanes Scholarship program since 2005. Beginning in 2020 an Enhanced Scholarship Initiative, made possible by a generous donation by Motorola Solutions Foundation, will provide for a larger, and in certain cases, full, scholarship on an academic year-by-academic year basis. This initiative is consistent with the Motorola Solutions Foundation’s mission.

In order to be eligible for an award under this program, the applicant must be pursuing a major in a STEM subject or public safety. Awards under this program are made on a year-by-year basis and will be based on an assessment of financial need and academic performance using a composite scoring system.

In certain cases, the status of course study as STEM or public safety will be obvious. Examples of STEM majors are physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, engineering, computer science, environmental science and agricultural science. Examples of public safety majors are criminal justice, public safety administration, public safety and security and emergency management. In situations where the status of a course is less clearly defined, the Foundation’s scholarship managers will analyze the core curriculum and graduation requirements to determine whether the applicant’s proposed course study qualifies as STEM or public safety. We are happy to let you know in advance whether we will consider your proposed course of study to be STEM or public safety. Please direct all inquiries to Eric Nagle at [email protected].

Eligibility Requirements

Selection Criteria

Sample FAFSA® Student Aid Report

Applications must be submitted by March 1.