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Fire Service Resources

Grief Brochures

The Foundation has a Grief Brochures for survivors of fallen firefighters. These materials are provided free of charge.

Order: Click here to order copies of these resources. Requests are limited to 4 copies of each brochure.

New Survivors

In the Beginning
This short brochure includes suggestions from other Fire Service Survivors, as well as basic information on the programs of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.
» Download: In the Beginning (PDF)

General Interest

Healing Grief
This 24-page booklet provides general information about the grief process and ways to cope. Written by a survivor who has lost three children, as well as her husband of many years. Includes recommendations for further reading. Spanish version available.

Helping Men
Men should be strong, at least that is what we have traditionally believed. This 6-page brochure describes the expectations and pressures that can make grieving especially difficult for men. It is appropriate for men and for anyone who is helping a man through grief.

Homicide: A Brutal Bereavement
Losing a loved one to murder is different than other types of loss. This 6-page brochure explains some of the additional concerns for anyone experiencing this type of loss and includes suggestions for helping both adults and children. The information may be helpful to anyone whose loved one has died as a result of violence.

Tinsel and Tears: A Holiday Guide
Facing the holiday season after the loss of a loved one can be especially painful. This 6-page brochure includes suggestions from others who have lost loved ones and found a way through this emotional time of year.

Yourself and Grief
Everyone’s grief is different, but there are some common elements that most people experience. This 5-page brochure may be especially helpful for newly bereaved survivors who want to understand what they are experiencing. Spanish version available.

For Parents & Guardians

Grandparents Grieve Twice
Grandparents must comfort their own children even as they grieve the loss of a beloved grandchild. This 6-page brochure includes anecdotes from other bereaved grandparents and is appropriate for anyone who has experienced this double heartache.

Healing a Father’s Grief
This 22-page booklet provides information about the traditional roles and expectations of men in our culture, and the challenges that men face in grieving. The information includes specific ways of coping with difficult emotions. Written by a survivor who lost his young son, the information is appropriate for any man who has lost a loved one.

For Children (and Their Parents and Caregivers)

Just for Kids
This 6-page brochure is written directly to grieving children. Older children can read the brochure independently, and the information may also be helpful for parents of younger children. Includes specific ways for children to remember their loved one. Spanish version available.

Sibling Grief
This 10-page booklet helps parents understand the experience of losing a sibling, so they can help their surviving children deal with that loss.

For Support People

For a Friend
This 6-page brochure helps explain the experience and needs of those who are grieving. Especially helpful for those who are supporting friends or family members who are grieving.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Help?
This brief 5-page brochure gives basic guidelines for helping people who have experienced a loss. Included are suggestions of words that help and words that may be painful for a grieving person to hear.

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