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NFFF Scholarships

Motorola Enhanced Scholarship Initiative

Scholarship Recipient

Halley Fritz

Major: Chemistry
Academic Scholarship Years:
Daughter of
Halley Fritz

Halley is currently a sophomore at Hiram College where she is majoring in chemistry with a minor in biomedical humanities. Upon graduation, her plan is to attend dental school. Halley’s eventual career goal is to become an orthodontist.

Outside of her academic activities, she participates in AmeriCorps CRUSH, Hiram branch, where she plans service projects and community events. Halley is also active with her campus’s Mental Health Committee and Student Senate. She spends most of her free time assisting her mother with caring for her sister with special needs and two other siblings since her father’s death.

Chemistry Professor Kercher writes, “Halley is currently a student in the two-semester organic chemistry sequence that I teach. She possesses all the traits of an excellent student including curiosity, diligence, preparedness, and a respect for the learning environment. She finished 2nd in a class of 17 for the first semester and is currently 3rd in a class of 16. Halley works well with others and often takes the lead in peer group sessions. I believe she will represent your organization with integrity.”

Halley’s previous scholarships were made possible with support from
Motorola Solutions Foundation.

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