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Senator Paul Sarbanes Scholarship

Scholarship Recipient

Marissa Brake

Major: Studio Arts
Academic Scholarship Years:
Daughter of
Marissa Brake

Marissa currently works for the fire department. While a degree in studio arts may not directly align with a fire service career, most departments require higher education to promote, and she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree to show her desire to learn and improve. Marissa knows that working in the fire service can be difficult for one’s mental health and feels that art will be a great outlet combined with something she enjoys.

In her spare time, Marissa volunteers with her local fire department. She finds this allows her to still feel connected to her father as well as a great way to help people while continuing to train and learn new skills. Marissa has set a financial goal to obtain her degree without having to obtain student loans.

Engineer R. Douglas Matthews, MD says, “Marissa is dependable, bright, hardworking, and driven. It is an honor to mentor her in the fire service. She continues to hone her skills in firefighting to constantly improve. Marissa realizes a liberal arts degree will allow her to promote within the fire department.”

Marissa’s previous scholarship was made possible with support from the Motorola Solutions Foundation.

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