#FireHeroTuesday kicked off the holiday season of givingtogether we can make sure our Fire Hero Families know that we remember.

PBI flame resistant fibers have been protecting America’s bravest since the dawn of the space age when PBI fiber was first introduced to make astronauts flight suits. PBI Performance Products, Inc. is best known as the world’s only producer of high performance PBI fiber used in PBI Gold®, PBI Matrix®, and PBI TriGuard® flame resistant fabrics. PBI fiber will not burn in air, does not melt or drip, and will retain its strength and flexibility after exposure to flame. PBI fibers form the backbone of various fabric blends, providing flame-resistance and thermal protection with the highest level of comfort, durability, and protection. Our company supplies fiber and polymer to its customers and works with end-users worldwide to develop and support the use of PBI in a wide spectrum of protective clothing for fire service, wild land, USAR, military and industrial workers and various other high temperature applications. Our goal is to enhance personal protective equipment that allows professionals to work, knowing they have the peace-of-mind protection afforded by PBI fabrics.

Firefighters conquer fear and fire daily. They are truly America’s Bravest… and their courage reminds us of Our Nation’s true strength. PBI Performance Products is a proud supporter of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation whose ongoing commitment to the families of those lost while protecting the lives and properties of others is a commitment we all share. PBI is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and operates its manufacturing facility located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, with global sales offices in the UK, Germany, Spain and Hong Kong.