Lyle C. Lewis

Lyle Lewis was born in Concordia‚ Kansas‚ on June 29‚ 1958‚ the son of the late Chester Lyle and Lula May (Snyder) Lewis.

Firefighter Lyle Lewis died June 16‚ 2009‚ while assisting at the scene of a fire on a day when temperatures exceeded 90 degrees. Approximately one hour after responding and after his second entry into the home‚ Firefighter Lewis reported a need to cool off. He was treated by EMS personnel at the scene before being transported to the hospital‚ where he was pronounced dead.

His pastor remembered Lyle as a happy guy‚ a hard worker and a generous man who loved being a firefighter. Firefighter Lewis owned L&L Fencing of Alton‚ and he was a minister.

He is survived by his wife‚ Sherry; his daughters‚ Sandra Lewis‚ of Glade‚ Kansas; Jessica Brown‚ of Ransom‚ Kansas; and Jennifer Saathoff‚ of Beloit‚ Kansas; and sons‚ Lyle Lewis Jr.‚ of Osborne‚ Kansas; Ryan Lewis‚ of Alton‚ Kansas; and Justin Lewis‚ of Topeka‚ Kansas. He is also survived by 11 grandchildren.

Dennis M. Simmons

Dennis M. Simmons

Dennis was born Feb. 28‚ 1946 in San Francisco‚ CA. He grew up in Pacifica‚ CA‚ graduating from Pacifica High School in 1965. As a teen‚ Dennis enjoyed racing with his dad and his brother Harold. Although duty called Dennis to serve with the Army in Vietnam from 1967 to 1968‚ he returned to take the California State Championship in Dirt Track Racing in 1969.

In the 1970’s‚ Dennis moved to Texas where he found work as a truck driver and where he met and married Susan Dewey. They raised 3 children together; Philip Simmons of Louisiana; and Harold Simmons and Brandie McKay of Missouri. He had six grandchildren: Jessica‚ Kris‚ Brandon‚ Ashley and Tre’ Simmons and Cale McKay. In addition‚ Dennis and Susan were known as Mom and Dad to many in their community. They opened their home and their hearts to anyone who needed a helping hand.

Dennis loved NASCAR racing. He shared this passion with his daughter. They went to as many races as they could‚ visiting a different track each year. Dennis also loved motorcycles and loved to take his Harley out and ‘get in the wind‚’ taking spur of the moment trips with his wife. Because of his service in Vietnam and his love for motorcycles‚ Dennis felt a strong commitment to the Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club where he worked for 17 years with his fellow club brothers to help carry on the search for those MIA. He held many offices while in the club but the most important thing to him was the brotherhood.

Because of his racing experience‚ Dennis loved old cars and was a crackerjack mechanic. He often amazed his sons by diagnosing a problem over the phone without having to see or hear the car run.

Dennis and Susan moved to Kansas in 1987. Dennis was appointed to the Radium City Council in 2001‚ serving until his death. He fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a firefighter by volunteering with the Stafford County Fire Department for 7 years. At the time of his death‚ he was the acting Radium Fire Chief. He was dedicated to his responsibilities and spent many hours making sure the equipment and trucks were ready to roll.

On April 21‚ 2009‚ while returning home from a field fire‚ Dennis suffered a fatal heart attack. His family takes comfort in the fact that he died doing what he loved. Dennis is sorely missed by his family and friends. The extent of his impact on people’s lives was revealed at his funeral as one person after another took turns telling their stories about Dennis and how he had touched their lives.

Michael J. Tluscik Sr.

Michael J. Tluscik Sr.

Submitted by his Family

Michael J. Tluscik‚ Sr. joined the Kansas City Kansas Fire Department in 1992. Mike served most of his career at station 14. The Fire Department was a big part of his life and he was proud to have been a part of the brotherhood.

Mike will be remembered by his witty sense of humor‚ his daily crossword puzzles not to mention a mean game of ping pong. Mike loved to spend time at the Lake of the Ozarks and was an amazing cook. He was also a skilled carpenter.

Mike saved many lives and has continued to give the gift of life after his death by being an organ donor for the Midwest Transplant Network.

Mike leaves four children‚ Stephanie‚ Michael Jr.‚ Kinsley‚ Holly and his mother Janet and many beloved family and friends.

Christopher Ryan Brown

Christopher Ryan Brown

Christopher Ryan Brown
La Harpe Fire Department – Kansas
Volunteer Firefighter
Date of Death: July 27‚ 2006
Age: 20

Chris was born on August 15‚ 1985‚ in Kansas City‚ Kansas. He went to public school from kindergarten through fifth grades. Then he homeschooled and later acquired his GED. Although he wasn’t very tall‚ only standing 5′ 7‚ you would think he would not be noticed‚ but with one of his famous winks or that Chris Brown smile‚ he could light up the room. He was very polite and kindhearted. Everyone who knew him spoke well of him. He gave everyone a chance.

Chris enjoyed many outdoor activities such as snowboarding‚ rock climbing in his Jeep‚ camping‚ fishing‚ four wheeling‚ dirt biking‚ mechanical work‚ and listening to country music. He enjoyed his time with his family and friends.

Chris married his wife‚ Tamara‚ on October 2004‚ at the age of 19. They moved to the small town of La Harpe‚ Kansas. Chris worked with his father-in-law as a pool contractor‚ with the intention of taking over the business. He joined a very large family and loved them like his own. They added a new family member‚ Chris’ beloved dachshund‚ Cami.

After their move‚ Chris decided to become a volunteer fireman. He always had a fear of dying in a fire‚ and he wanted to overcome this fear. In January 2005‚ he joined their squad; he knew he had made the right choice. He was the happiest when he was behind the wheel of a fire truck. He was‚ in fact‚ living the fireman’s dream. Once he received a pager‚ he awaited the next call to help someone.

Chris was on top of the world the morning of July 27‚ 2006. He had talked to the Manhattan‚ Kansas‚ fire crew and was heading to pick up equipment for his crew. On the way‚ he collided with a semi and was pronounced dead on the scene. Being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses‚ Chris had confidence in the resurrection hope. All his family and friends long to see him right here on the earth very soon.

After Chris’ death‚ he was honored in a parade along with all his fellow brothers who died on 9/11. As you drive by the La Harpe Fire Department‚ you will see the memorial banner.

Bryon Wayne Johnson

Bryon Wayne Johnson

Submitted by his Wife

Even at a young age‚ Bryon was firefighter at heart. From wearing toy fire helmets with his Papaw to his favorite trucks being fire trucks.

Bryon started his firefighting career in the United States Air Force in the spring of 1994 after basic training and tech school. In the five years that Bryon spent in the Air Force he received three awards which included a Unit Citation for a water rescue‚ the Robert H. Curtain Award and the Air Force Achievement Medal.

After the Air Force‚ firefighting took Bryon to Garden City‚ Kansas where‚ after being there a short time he was promoted to Engineer.

Bryon‚ deciding he wanted to be closer to family and friends‚ set his sights on the Sedgwick County Fire Department in 1999. In October of 1999‚ Bryon was hired on. During Bryon’s nearly 8 years with the department‚ he accomplished much. He received his Associate Degree in Fire Science and his Bachelors in Criminal Justice. Bryon received certificates for Fire Instructor‚ Hazardous Materials Technician‚ Kansas Fire Officer and Kansas State Fire Marshal Fire Investigator. Bryon also did many things while not on duty related to firefighting including Fire Code Review‚ being a field instructor for University of Kansas and coordinating countless projects for the department. In July of 2006‚ Bryon was promoted to Lieutenant after only 6 _ years with the department.

Bryon was considered a rising star with the Sedgwick County Fire Department and was always striving to move toward his goal of being Fire Marshall. His greatest accomplishment in firefighting was to be accepted to the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program. Unfortunately‚ he received his letter of acceptance just one day after he passed away. In January of 2008‚ he was posthumously awarded Executive Fire Officer and honored with his class.

While Bryon was a driven firefighter‚ his first priority was his family. He opted not to take extra shifts so that he wouldn’t miss time with his family. Bryon adored his two sons‚ Aeron and Jacob. He enjoyed spending time with his family. While God didn’t bless him with biological brothers‚ Bryon was blessed with the best friends a guy could have. Friends since high school‚ they spent time fishing‚ hunting‚ cheating at cards and hanging out.

We‚ as Bryon’s family and friends‚ miss him terribly. While his death was a tragedy‚ we are honored that he was part of our lives. Bryon taught us to never give up even when you are considered the underdog. He taught us to live life to its fullest and enjoy every single minute with a giggle and maybe some cheese-its and tomato soup.

Anthony P. Cox

Anthony P. Cox

Submitted by his Wife

Anthony P. Cox
Topeka Fire Department – Kansas
Classification: Career
Rank: Captain
Date of Death: August 13‚ 2007
Age: 44

Captain Anthony Phillip ‘Tony’ Cox‚ 44‚ of Topeka‚ a 21-year veteran of the Topeka Fire Department‚ died August 13‚ 2007‚ after battling a fire in an apartment complex in southwest Topeka. He was born January 2‚ 1963‚ in Mobile‚ Alabama‚ the son of SFC Walter Phillip Cox‚ Jr.‚ and Iva Lou Morgan Cox. He graduated from Topeka West High School and attended Washburn University.

Tony began his career with Mission Township Fire Department. He was a member of International Association of Fire Fighters‚ Local 83‚ and was assigned to Fire Station Number 8‚ at 2700 SW Fairlawn Road. He was instrumental in starting the HAZMAT program for the Topeka Fire Department and was a HAZMAT Tech instructor for the state fire marshal’s office. Tony also worked for American Medical Response ambulance service as an EMT I/D to continue to provide for the public on his off days.

Tony was devoted to his family. He married his soul mate‚ Karrie Youngbear‚ on September 17‚ 2006‚ in Galveston‚ Texas. Their precious daughter‚ Hannah‚ was born on December 19‚ 2007. Other relationships in Tony’s life blessed him with three children‚ Derek Cox‚ serving in the U.S. Marine Corps; and Morgan Cox and Baylee Cox‚ both in Topeka. He was also survived by his mother‚ Iva Lou Cox‚ and two sisters‚ Kelly Drummond and Dotty Karnowski‚ all of Topeka. He was preceded in death by his father‚ SFC Walter Cox‚ Jr.; his youngest sister‚ Shelby Cox-Scott; and his younger brother‚ Daniel Cox.

Tony was a people person and was always willing to give a helping hand to anyone in need. He would help family and friends fix their computers‚ pick up shifts‚ and lend an ear or shoulder to cry on. Tony gave of himself willingly to help others‚ always putting his needs last. That dedication to others held true in all aspects of his life‚ including the fire department.

Evidence of Tony’s love and dedication to the HAZMAT team can be seen in the new command trailer‚ the grants written to purchase equipment‚ and the HAZMAT duty shirts. About three or four years ago‚ Tony‚ Ron Rutherford‚ and Kevin Howbert designed the first HAZMAT duty shirt‚ which had been used until recently. Just before his death‚ Tony‚ with the help of his cousin-in-law‚ Ken‚ finished the new team logo‚ which had been approved by the Topeka Fire Department. This shirt became a memorial shirt to Tony‚ and the money raised is being used to purchase HAZMAT equipment.

Tony’s crooked smile will always be remembered by those who loved him-his family‚ his friends‚ and his firefighter brothers and sisters.

Brandon Lee Daley

Brandon Lee Daley

Submitted by his Parents

Brandon Lee Daley
Butler County Fire District #3 / Rose Hill – Kansas
Classification: Volunteer
Rank: Firefighter
Date of Death: May 12‚ 2007
Age: 19

Brandon is survived by his father; Lawrence V. Daley IV‚ mother; Christina K. Daley‚ sister; Candice M. Daley.

Brandon Lee Daley passed away May 12‚ 2007 while in response to a fire in his home town community. Brandon graduated from Rose Hill High School in May‚ 2005. During his high school years he was involved in many services; he was President of S.A.D.D. (Students against Destructive Decisions) where he participated in many fundraisers and activities‚ he was presented with a certificate of recognition as a great representative of his school and community‚ where his passion as a community servant thrived.

In ‘2002’ Brandon became a member of the EMS explorer post‚ started by local Medic 50 EMT group. In ‘2003’ he was contacted by the ‘School Resource Officer’ and was asked to help recruit young teens to become part of the ‘Rose Hill Police Department Explorers Post‚’ where he became the President & Lieutenant of Explorer Post 2627.

Brandon joined Butler County Fire District #3 in December‚ 2006 as a volunteer and he was excited to become a full-time firefighter and a part of the Rose Hill team. He was participating in Firefighter I classes and was a student at Butler County Community College as an EMT student; he was looking forward to joining the Police Academy as well. He worked full time as a bank teller while being active in his public service and college commitments.

Brandon’s dreams were limitless when it came to public service‚ his care and compassion for helping others was amazing‚ he was always putting others first no matter what the task may have been.

Brandon had other dedications as well. He became a member of the ‘Sons of the American Legion. He was a member of the ‘American Red Cross’ where he donated blood regularly for several years and became an organ donor.

Brandon’s hobbies were many. He enjoyed life. He loved spending time with family and friends and hanging out with his big Sis‚ Candice. He had a passion for miniature dachshunds and adopted a silver dapple and named her Darla‚ (short for Darling) He loved to go hunting with his best bud Jim‚ and his god brother Greg‚ whom Brandon adopted. He loved to go Rock Climbing in his Jeep that he and his father spent time rebuilding in Brandon’s teen years. He enjoyed going to the lake and riding his personal water craft. Movies‚ Ice-cream‚ and trips to Wal-Mart were his favorite late night adventures with friends.

Brandon Lee inspired many friends and family in his communities that have now become great assets to themselves and others around them.We lost Brandon at such a young age; he was just becoming the grown man that he wanted so badly to be. (To become a great public servant).

Brandon will always be missed and truly loved forever. He Is Our Hero! His beautiful face‚ his wonderful smile‚ and compassion for others will always remain deep in our hearts.

Carl S. ‘Stan’ Engdahl

Carl S. 'Stan' Engdahl

Submitted by his Wife

Carl S. Engdahl‚ Stan as he was known‚ grew up on a farm west of Marquette‚ KS. Here‚ he enjoyed hunting‚ fishing and trapping.

He started racing motorcycles in 1946 and retired from that in 1993. Stanley won over 600 awards in that time‚ including five times National scrambles and 16 State championships!

After serving two years in the army‚ Stan returned to Marquette and opened a radio and television shop. He retired from this in 1999 after 45 years.

In 2003 the ‘Kansas Motorcycle museum’ was built in Marquette and Stan and his wife LaVona were co-curators. Stanley and LaVona were married for 55 years. Between racing and fire fighting‚ not much time was ever spent at home! His wonderful wife now continues his legacy by proudly opening the museum daily and sharing his stories. Stanley sure had the gift of story telling!

Stanley was an American Legion member. He also served on the city council for several terms. He was a Charter Life member of the American Motorcycle Association and many other grand deeds.

However‚ it was the fire department that held his interest! He was on the fire department for 51 years and its fire Chief for 36 years! McPherson County Rural Fire District #2 is a volunteer district. It covers over 219 sq. miles of mostly grass lands. Kansas winds blow hard most of the time making it difficult to contain a fire. Stanley spent many hours repairing and building trucks etc. For a small rural fire department‚ Marquette has very unique fire fighting capabilities‚ due to Stanley’s abilities to repair and rebuild!

On November 12th‚ 2007 Stanley responded to a fire where he tragically suffered a massive heart attack and died. His fellow fire fighters and first responders were on the scene‚ but sadly could not save their mentor and friend. In his honor‚ the town now plans to dedicate the new fire house to their hero. Town folk knew they could always rely on Stanley for a helping hand and solid advice. As the Mayor stated in Eulogy‚ ‘the town has lost a friend and protector.’ Stanley is missed by all who knew and loved him.

Bruce D. Sternberger

There is no profile listed for this fallen firefighter.

Jason A. Johnson

Submitted by His Wife

Jason Allen Johnson #367‚ a 28 year old volunteer firefighter for BCFD#3 in Rose Hill‚ Kansas passed away on January 14th 2006. Jason leaves behind a wife Jennifer and their son Trevor Johnson.

Jason was born on April 25th 1977 in Morrison Illinois to Richard and Michelle Johnson. Jason and his younger brother Sean were raised in Clinton‚ Iowa.

Jason had a love for sports which he took part in during his whole life. Jason played baseball‚ ran track‚ liked to play golf‚ and during his adult years was always fishing when he had some free time.

After high school Jason joined the United States Army and was stationed at Fort Riley‚ Kansas where he met his wife Jennifer. After a short time together they moved to Rose Hill‚ Kansas where Jennifer was from; they were married July 3rd 2000.

It was here that Jason found another love‚ the fire department. Jason had family who had instilled the love of firefighting in him as a child; his Great Grandfather was the first paid Fire Chief in Clinton‚ Iowa.

Jason called Rose Hill home and so many people would comment that they thought he was a home town boy. His family was always first but when his pager would go off he would be out the door before anyone could ask what the call was‚ even at 3:00am. Jason worked a full time job and at times had a second part time job but that would not stop him from answering his pager. There were times when Jennifer would have the car and a call would come in‚ this would not stop Jason. He was known for being seen running the four blocks to the station and in most cases being the first one there. Jason was also known for going everywhere with his department tee shirt on‚ his pride for the department was enormous. Jason also loved to help in the community whether it was setting up the fireworks tent‚ helping with fire prevention week at the school‚ or driving a truck in the Fall Festival parade. He was always willing to be involved.

Trevor is so proud of his Daddy being a fireman. In the almost five years Jason had with Trevor he instilled a great passion of love for the Fire Department in him. Jason was so proud to be a fireman; he had a great love for all the men and women he served with. Jason joined the department in August 2000 and was currently in his 6th year.

On January 14th 2006 the lives of everyone who knew Jason changed forever. God created a sharp turn in our paths. After responding to two calls Jason was in his POV with his son‚ wife‚ mother in-law and sister in-law when he became unresponsive. Despite all medical treatment given Jason passed away due to a cardiac death. While we may not understand why‚ we must continue to live. Jason will live on in others. Jason was an organ‚ tissue‚ and eye donor‚ just another way Jason was willing to give of himself for others. What a great man he was. I believe that everyone who was touched by Jason in some way‚ now have a very special angel in heaven watching over them.

Jason was a loving Husband‚ Father‚ Son‚ Brother‚ and Friend

Death Leaves a Heartache No One Can Heal‚
Love Leaves A Memory No One Can Steal. – unknown