Carlos Carrasquillo Pizarro

Carlos Carrasquillo Pizarro

Sergeant Carlos Carrasquillo Pizarro was born May 18, 1953. His parents were Juan Carrasquillo and Rosa Pizarro. He was number eight of fourteen siblings.

His passion was always being a mechanic, cars and motorcycles. His favorite car was a 1972 Camaro named the “Green Wasp.”

At the age of 21, he was married to Lourdes Rivera, and they had four children, Carlos Jose, Karla Michelle, Rafael Angel, and Jorge Luis. He was a grandfather of thirteen and great-grandfather of two.

He Joined the Puerto Rico Fire Department July 1, 1994, completing a total of 20 years of service. In 1996, he was selected Firefighter of the Year. Carlos was very honest and sincere and didn’t like lies. He would correct anybody on the spot with his regular phrase, “No, sir.” He was a 24/7 firefighter and a role model.

On September 23, 2014, he lost his life at 61 years of age in a car accident while driving towards the Fajardo District to deliver a water truck. The truck was supposed to be delivered the next day to the Vieques municipality to facilitate water to different communities.

He always said he was going to die serving Puerto Rico with his boots on.

Evangelio Chiqui’ Soto

Evangelio Chiqui'  Soto

Evangelio ‘Chiqui’ Soto‚ 43‚ a 21-year career firefighter with the Puerto Rico Fire Department‚ died on February 21‚ 2000‚ after being struck by a vehicle at the scene of an arson fire.

Luis A. Rivera

Luis A. Rivera‚ 58‚ a career firefighter with the Puerto Rico Fire Department died of smoke inhalation after being exposed to massive amounts of smoke while extinguishing a grass fire in Patillas on February 23‚ 1998.

Jesus Garcia

Jesus Garcia‚ 36‚ a career firefighter with the Puerto Rico Fire Department died when his apparatus rolled over on the way to a fire on May 7‚ 1998.