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The Louisiana Fallen Firefighter Memorial is located at the State Fire Marshal’s Office grounds in Baton Rouge. It was dedicated in 2006. The Louisiana Fallen Firefighter Memorial is dedicated to honoring the memory of firefighters that die in the line of duty as well as a place to promote the entire fire service of this great state. It is a place of remembrance, healing and celebration for the families friends and departments of our heroes.

The Louisiana Fallen Firefighter Memorial is a monument to the spirit, commitment, and sacrifice of those firefighters who have given their lives in the line of duty. It gives the citizens of Louisiana a place to honor these firefighters and inspire young men and women to follow in their brave footsteps. The memorial consists of three main areas: The Roll of Honor – A large granite wall listing all known firefighters who have perished in the line of duty Firefighter Statue – A bronze statue of a firefighter on a knee as a symbol of remembrance Fire Engine Bell – A brass bell from an cart drawn fire wagon will be used in the dedication and memorial ceremonies Additionally, there are plaques within the memorial with words exemplifying the spirit of firefighting and the men and women who choose this honorable profession.

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