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Firefighter Tribute
Kendall Murphy was a disciplined and hard-working former student athlete who graduated from Barr-Reeve in 2009. He moved back to his community to lead and serve others as a coach and volunteer firefighter. Kendall died in the line of duty on November 10, 2017. Kendall’s legacy of loving, serving and helping others will live on in “The Viking Promise” Kendall Murphy Scholarship Program.

More About the Tribute

The Viking Promise Kendall Murphy Scholarship Program addresses two realities of the 21st century:
Quality jobs today and tomorrow require at least some level of post-secondary education, and students with expectations of attending college achieve more at every level of their elementary and secondary education than their peers without such expectations. This project makes a long-term investment in our community by investing in the academic future of its youngest citizens. With a long-term commitment/partnership between Barr-Reeve Community Schools and the Scholarship Team, each kindergarten student enrolled in Barr-Reeve Schools, (beginning in the fall of 2018) will be provided with a Kendall Murphy Scholarship of $100.

Through the schools and with the support of experienced financial advisors, parents of kindergarten students will be presented information about the process and scholarship opportunity in a series of evening seminars, and will be provided assistance in completing the application process. Parents will have to have, or with the help of Barr-Reeve Schools, will create a 529 College Savings account for their student. The Scholarship Team will then distribute the funds to each student’s 529 College Savings account. Additional/ongoing contributions can be made by families and community members as the students progress through their K-12 years at school. It is the ultimate goal of The Viking Promise Kendall Murphy Scholarship Program that every student in Barr-Reeve Schools will have a college savings account which can be used for educational related expenses not only for traditional four-year colleges, but for any accredited post-secondary education, including vocational and trade schools.

What are the benefits?
At its most basic level, the Viking Promise Kendall Murphy Scholarship program will increase the percentage of Barr-Reeve graduates continuing their education beyond high school. Research indicates that establishing a college savings account also provides the following benefits:

  • Students are nearly seven times more likely to graduate high school
  • Students are two times more likely to attend college
  • Students maintain a higher rate of attendance and a lower rate of discipline referrals
  • Parents begin planning for their child’s future at an earlier age with guidance from a professional
  • Parents improve their own financial literacy and long-term economic stability

Thanks to this long-term investment by the Barr-Reeve Schools and Scholarship Team, The Viking Promise Kendall Murphy program will help today’s and future Barr-Reeve Viking students be better prepared to lead more productive and stable lives in the many decades to come!!

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