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Expand Your Legacy: Inspiring Firefighters to Become Living Kidney Donors

Expand Your Legacy: Inspiring Firefighters to Become Living Kidney Donors

Living Kidney Donation

Expand Your Legacy: Kidney Donation

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The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s (NFFF) First Responder Center for Excellence (FRCE) and the Knox Company are partnering with Kidneys for Communities to enhance an inspiring campaign based on courageous acts of compassion and support in the first responder community. Expand Your Legacy – Become a Living Kidney Donor is an initiative that continues to raise awareness among firefighters about the life-changing impact of becoming a living kidney donor. It is a call to action for firefighters to expand their legacy beyond their significant contributions to public safety. Teaming up with Kidneys for Communities and its Kidneys for First Responders program, NFFF and FRCE are providing a clear pathway, through the community-directed living donation program, to support those in desperate need of a kidney transplant and those willing to save a life through living kidney donation. A four-part video series providing information on being an organ donor and a transplant recipient is available on Included in this series are stories about two women impacted by kidney donations.
  • Kristina Moon, widow of FDNY Firefighter William P. Moon II, shares the personal story of her husband’s wish to be an organ donor. His selflessness and the impact he made on others’ lives serve as an inspiration.
  • Joni Trempala, CEO of Knox, is currently waiting for a kidney donor so that she can receive a lifesaving transplant. Her courageous battle and determination showcase the significance of every potential donor.

The NFFF, FRCE and Knox encourage firefighters and the wider community to join hands and support the “Expand Your Legacy” through the Kidneys for Communities First Responder program. For information on becoming a living kidney donor, or if you are in need of a kidney donation, visit Kidneys for First Responders.