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Age: 47
Year of Death: 2022

William P. Moon II

William P. “Billy” Moon II, 47, was a friend and mentor to everyone. He was a lifelong dreamer who aspired to be in the FDNY and did not stop until he was. Known for his big personality, huge smile, and passion for the job, Billy was also a devoted husband and father of two.

Billy was preparing for a drill inside his firehouse when he fell about 20 feet and suffered a serious head injury. That fatal fall, which occurred on December 12, 2022, would not be his final act of bravery. Instead, Billy answered his last alarm on December 20, 2022, with the final gift of donating his organs.

He left behind his wife, Kristina, and their two young children, Brianne (10) and Colin (8). He is also survived by his parents, William and Patricia; his sister, Christina VanSteen; and his brother, Robert.

Raised in Islip, New York, Billy was a 21-year member of the FDNY. He was also a 28-year volunteer in the Islip Fire Department who served as chief of the department from 2016-2017. He began his career in L133 in South Jamaica, Queens, where he spent almost 20 years before transferring to Rescue 2 in Brooklyn. Rescue 2 was a big milestone in his career, as he knew the significance and was proud of the accomplishment he spent years working towards.

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  1. I think of you often ……I miss you always……your glorious laugh…..your debates ……just knowing you would be somewhere would mean a better time ……you had such a full life ….your absence is felt each day … you to the moon and back

    – His Favorite Aunt
  2. I’m still waiting for you to walk through the door with that big smile on your face. I never realized how many lives you touched an how many lives you are still touching. You are missed every moment of every day. You will always be bigger than life. 100% Love your nice Aunt Carol

    – Carol Jaeger
  3. I am trying this again because I don’t want your wall to be empty…… were such a BIG personality – huge smile, big opinions , enormous laugh……….love you and miss you

  4. One of the best I ever had the privilege of knowing RIP MY FRIEND

    – Brian Dunleavy
  5. It’s hard to put into words my sorrow. Billy was a unique, amazing, and remarkable person who left this world far too soon. He was outspoken but caring and brave. We shared so many memories and lifelong dreams. In my silent thoughts I think of the times we spent together; it is there that I hold the memories that will last forever. You will always be loved and remembered every day in my heart. RIP my friend.

    – Pat Cooke Sr.
  6. Rest in peace FF Moon.

    – Kevin Farrell