Kenneth Michael Temke

Kenneth Michael Temke

Submitted by his wife

Ken Temke was a volunteer firefighter at our department. Our department consists of paid personnel and volunteers. Ken was devoted to his wife Rhonda‚ his 6 year old twins‚ and his friends‚ family and to his community. He died at the young age of 45 on March 25‚ 2004 upon returning from a vehicle fire. He suffered a massive heart attack while exiting his engine. We all loved him as much as he loved us.

Ken‚ also known as squirrel‚ was a 7 year veteran of the Alexandria Fire District. In our service a squirrel is known to people as someone who listens to his pager faithfully and sneaks to the firehouse in anticipation of a fire run. He always wanted to be the first on a truck and the last one off. Everywhere he went‚ people knew him. Ken loved his firehouse so much that a few months after his death‚ I received a certificate stating that he had finally achieved his 400 hours of training right before his death. I know he was looking down on us seeing the joy and proud looks we had on our faces and knowing he achieved firefighter level 2.

Ken had a full time job at Avis Rent a Car for 26 years. He watched people come and go but he remained faithful to his job. He loved to bowl‚ play golf and spend time with his children‚ Andrew and Rebecca. He was the life of the party when we had family gatherings and when we entertained our friends at our home.

With the sudden passing of Ken‚ his family and friends have learned a great life lesson‚ to embrace each day and to live life to the fullest. Ken lived his life that way‚ and it took this terrible tragedy for us all to learn that lesson.

Ken is survived by his wife Rhonda‚ our twins Andrew and Rebecca‚ his mother Jane‚ his brothers Steve‚ Joe‚ Gary and Kevin‚ his sisters Sharon‚ Karen and Lisa. He also left behind a special mother in law Judy‚ and brother in law Eric. He is also survived by the wonderful family we have at the Alexandria Fire District.