Willie J. Lacy Sr.

Willie J. Lacy Sr.

Submitted by his wife

Willie James Lacy‚ Sr. began his career as a Firefighter on November 3‚ 1981 with the Richmond County Fire Department in Augusta‚ Georgia. He was first assigned as a Probationary Firefighter to Engine Co. #4. He last served as a Firefighter at Engine Co. #3.

‘Mr. Lacy’‚ as he was called by his co-workers‚ was noted for his positive work ethic and respect for other people. Everyone that knew him knows that he called them ‘Mister’‚ ‘Sir’‚ ‘Miss’‚ or ‘Ma’am’ and that courtesy just seemed natural to return.

Mr. Lacy was the kind of firefighter that every Chief‚ company officer‚ and other firefighters want on a fire scene with them. He wasn’t a grandstander‚ he just worked and worked until the task was complete. His co-workers pay him the highest compliment one firefighter can give another‚ ‘I could always count on him’ and simply ‘He was my friend’. He loved his work as a firefighter‚ especially the comradeship among his fellow firefighters.

Mr. Lacy was the heart of his family and friends. To them he is noted for his engaging smile and warm heartedness towards everyone he met. Very seldom would he pass someone without saying ‘good morning’‚ ‘good afternoon’‚ or ‘good evening’. He was the kind of man that wouldn’t stand to listen to people talk poorly of others. He would turn and walk away or he would stand up for the person being talked about. To him everyone was ‘good people’. During his last shift with the Fire Department he went into the truck bay where all the guys were working‚ cleaning and mopping‚ and said‚ ‘Today is going to be a beautiful day’.

Willie James Lacy‚ Sr. was the son of Savannah Haynes and the late Charles Lacy‚ Sr. of Waynesboro‚ Georgia. He departed this life on Thursday‚ June 17‚ 2004. Left to cherish his fond memories are his wife‚ Kaye; one son‚ Willie James Lacy‚ Jr.; two daughters‚ Tina and Jada; one step-daughter‚ Jasmine; all of Augusta‚ Georgia; his mother‚ Savannah Haynes; and two sisters and four brothers.

Thank you dear Lord for sharing him with us for this length of time. His memory will live forever.