Paul James Roberts

Paul James Roberts

Firefighter Paul James Roberts was 54 years old the day he left us for heaven. Paul was a member of a large extended family. He loved his wife‚ Nancy‚ and his family‚ unconditionally‚ until the day of his passing.

Paul served in the United States Navy. While in boot camp‚ Paul was the boxing and swimming champion for his squad. Those who knew him found it hard to believe his big‚ gentle hands became a weapon in the boxing ring.

Paul and Nancy were quietly involved with community service. He donated annually to Beverly Babe Ruth Baseball. When Paul learned of a family with a very ill family member‚ he cooked. He made a batch of spaghetti sauce with meats in it. He also packed a basket with pastas‚ breads‚ and cheeses in it. Nancy delivered the gift to the deserving family. Paul helped Nancy make quilts for raffles to benefit hospice after his father-in-law used their services. Paul was a lifelong resident of Beverly. He knew how important it was to give back.

Paul’s trade was carpentry. His home is over 160 years old. Paul‚ with the help of Nancy and friends‚ remodeled the first floor and one bedroom. He was a perfectionist‚ so some of the work was unfinished. We are still working on it! Paul also made flower beds on two sides of his home.

Paul looked forward to going to Mousam Lake‚ Maine‚ annually. Here Paul shined. Family and friends often came to visit‚ and he was the consummate host. Paul took guests jet skiing‚ kayaking‚ bicycling‚ and to the store. Paul then served his signature American chop suey or barbecue. In the morning he bought farm fresh eggs for his famous omelets and French toast. Paul also loved traveling in the Southwest with Nancy.

Anyone who knew Paul could rely on him to ‘be there’ if needed. We knew he would give the shirt off his back when necessary. Paul spent innumerable lunch hours with his 91-year-old mother-in-law talking‚ eating‚ and playing games. Paul was a caregiver for everybody.

Paul was an avid sports fan. He loved his Redsox‚ Patriots‚ Celtics‚ Bruins‚ and Redskins. He could quote stats for each team during their season. Paul looked forward to going to Celtics playoff games with Paul Anderson and ‘the crew.’ Paul watched many a game with Bubba‚ Mim‚ and Nancy during ‘tea time.’

Paul’s fellow firefighters referred to him as ‘Mr. 411.’ He knew information about most anything you asked him. They also called him ‘Story Man.’ A 2-minute story for most was a 10-minute story for Paul. Paul was also dubbed ‘The Mayor of North Beverly.’

Paul was the most trustworthy‚ loyal‚ and compassionate man we knew. Paul’s infectious smile‚ humor‚ and kind touch will be missed eternally. HONEY‚ YOU ARE NUMBER 1!

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