Francis Furch

Firefighter Francis Furch died as a result of inhaling deadly fumes from a copier fire at the office of vital statistics in City Hall. He became ill at the station after the fire call and passed away at home the next day.

John Cox

Chief John Cox along with Captain John McGeever drowned during an effort to find Firefighter John Russell’s body at the Rockbottom dam.

Donald McGeever

Captain Donald McGeever along with Chief John Cox drowned during an effort to find Firefighter John Russell’s body at the Rockbottom dam.

John Russell

Firefighter John Russell drowned during an attempt to rescue two occupants of a capsized raft at the Rockbottom dam on the Susquehanna River. Two other firefighters were rescued after the fire rescue boat flipped over. Chief John Cox and Captain John McGeever drowned the next day.

Clyde Johns

Lieutenant Clyde Johns died after collapsing while fighting a 2 alarm fire that caused major damage to a restaurant supply company, Prescott Equipment Service, at 477 Court St.

James Sullivan

Training Instructor James Sullivan died while fighting a fire at the Mutual Furniture Co., located at 171 Main St. T/I Sullivan was a ranking officer and was not included in the buddy system, which was a way for firefighters to keep in contact with each other at the fire. He was not reported missing until the next day when his body was found in the basement.

Jerome Ryan

Firefighter Jerome Ryan died while fighting a huge fire at the old State Armory Building on Washington St, across from the Forum Theater. This was a million dollar fire; units from the City of Binghamton as well as Johnson City and Endicott helped fight this large fire.

Arnold Shephard

Firefighter Shephard became ill shortly after fighting a fire at 6 Livingston St. After resting at home, he was again stricken with illness, ultimately resulting in his death. Smoke, stress, and exhaustion from fighting the fire were attributed to his death. Firefighter Shephard was 38.

Arthur Dillon

Chief Arthur Dillon collapsed and died in City Hall after having responded to a fire.