Michel Baik

Michel  Baik

Michel found his true passion in life when he joined the Bridgeport Fire Department in December 2007. His determination and will to succeed gained him tremendous respect from his fellow classmates. He proudly served as a firefighter and was assigned to Ladder 11‚ which was stationed at Engine 7/Ladder 11 on Ocean Terrace. He was a member of Union Local 834 and a member of the Bridgeport Fire Department Color Guard.

Prior to becoming a firefighter‚ Michel was a dedicated and admired computer skills instructor at Career Resources‚ Inc. in Bridgeport‚ Connecticut‚ a non-profit workforce development organization‚ where he taught computer skills to the unemployed. He was honored by Career Resources on October 14‚ 2010‚ when they dedicated and named their computer center ‘The Michel Baik Learning Center.’

Above all‚ Michel was first and foremost a family man. He was a devoted father who participated fully in every aspect of his children’s lives. He coached JV basketball and was active in the Boy Scouts‚ chaperoned countless school trips‚ and sat through hours of school plays‚ sporting events‚ and dance recitals. His kids knew Dad was there when they heard his signature whistle at the end of every performance.

Michel was a lifelong member of St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church in Bridgeport and was active in many church organizations since his youth. An avid sports fan‚ Michel loved his Mets and Jets (J-E-T-S‚ Jets‚ Jets‚ Jets!). He played on the Central High School football team and on various softball and basketball teams throughout his life. He was a member of the Bridgeport Fire Department softball team. In October 2010‚ as a lasting tribute‚ his fellow teammates retired his softball number 15.

He was an incredible husband‚ father‚ son‚ and brother. He worked tirelessly for his family and found his greatest joy alongside his wife‚ Laurie‚ in raising their three children‚ Andrew‚ Thomas‚ and Margaret. A giant of a man‚ Michel had a heart to match. He will forever be remembered as a teddy bear of a guy who had a great sense of humor and a kind and caring heart.

On July 24‚ 2010‚ at the age of 49‚ Firefighter Michel Baik lost his life while serving his community and doing the job he loved so much.

Steven J. Velasquez

Steven J. Velasquez

Steven J. Velasquez‚ was born October 23‚ 1969‚ in Minneapolis‚ Minnesota‚ to Carol Velasquez and the late Joseph Velasquez. The second of three children‚ Steven’s life ended tragically July 24‚ 2010‚ in the line of duty. He was a beloved husband‚ father‚ brother‚ son‚ and friend to many. A quiet man‚ passionate about his family and job‚ he was loyal‚ chivalrous‚ and brave‚ with a sense of humor few understood. A man who did the right thing because it was the right thing to do.

Steven’s lifelong passion for fire service was evident in the challenges he pursued and mastered‚ which led him first to Prince George’s County‚ Maryland‚ then on to Bridgeport‚ where his legacy rose quickly both as firefighter and friend. His knowledge and dedication were only surpassed by his fearlessness. He was known by his fellow firefighters to use his keen abilities to create rescue techniques that made him legendary on the Bridgeport Fire Department.

These qualities earned him numerous department awards‚ including the Medal of Valor‚ the Medal of Merit‚ and four company citations. The Medal of Valor‚ the department’s second highest award‚ was awarded to him after Steven led a group of firefighters to safety as fire was impinging on their position‚ blocking their escape route.

Steven’s busy schedule never stood in the way of being there for others‚ as was evident during the days following the terrorist attacks on September 11‚ 2001. Either helping out at Ground Zero for search and rescue‚ recovery‚ or attending the funerals to follow‚ Steven was there for the New York City Fire Department.

Steven was promoted to lieutenant in August of 2008 and assigned to Ladder 11‚ where he worked hard to train and develop his crew into a solid team working well together while enjoying a good laugh.

As passionate as Steven was about firefighting‚ his greatest joy in life was his family. He looked forward to his days off‚ to be able to spend quality time with them‚ whether fishing with his son‚ Aaron‚ walks in the park with his 2-year-old daughter‚ Salina‚ or a Broadway show with Marianne‚ his wife and partner for over 15 years. Besides his family‚ Steven leaves his mother‚ Carol; siblings‚ Cindy and Jason‚ in Minnesota; as well as a group of friends who will forever miss his humble character and deep loyalty they intimately came to know. Steven’s family and friends‚ along with the Bridgeport Fire Department‚ feel the deep loss‚ as Steven had so much more to give both as a firefighter and friend.

Steven‚ you will never be forgotten. Although we are apart‚ you are always and forever alive within my heart.

Walter J. Flyntz

Walter J. Flyntz‚ 44‚ a 10-year veteran with the Bridgeport Fire Department‚ died on March 17‚ 1999‚ after suffering a heart attack at an apartment building fire. He was a member of the local Historical Society.

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