James H. Hanson

Submitted by his wife

Jim Hanson was a dedicated firefighter right up to the day he died. On Saturday‚ November 10‚ 2001‚ Jim returned from his final fire run‚ an automobile crash with the Chauncey-Dover Volunteer Fire Department‚ took off his hat and boots and collapsed at home into a heart attack which proved fatal.

At age 62 Jim had been active with the fire service for more than 20 years. But Jim had always been dedicated to public service. First in the Navy working to the rank of 2nd class Petty Officer. He was active in the Chauncey Village Council‚ even serving as Council President. He shared his expertise with electronics by serving on the local Vocational Schools Advisory Board.

But truly Jim had a great love for the fire service. He served as Chief of the Chauncey-Dover Volunteer Fire Department for six years. He was active in the Athens County Area Firefighters Association and even served as Association President. Even with his busy schedule Jim would find time to hunt and fish‚ his favorite past times.

Jim was a fixture in the Athens County Firefighting Community. Many younger firefighters looked up to him. Jim was the teacher of a group. He took many classes at the Ohio Fire Academy and would return to the department and teach the other firefighters what he had learned. Jim didn’t forget anything. If he saw it once he could teach it to you. While he was a leader in the local fire service‚ he was also one of the guys. No matter how bad things would get‚ he’d always find a way to make you laugh.

Jim is survived by his wife‚ Carolyn; a daughter‚ Pamela; two sons‚ James and Jeffrey; two sisters Nancy Baker and Pauline Cannon.

Jim was dedicated to his family and the fire service and will be missed.