Jeffrey Stroble

Jeffrey Stroble

Fire Apparatus Operator Jeff Stroble, 46, passed away on Sunday, July 21, 2019, at University Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas, from injuries sustained in a fireworks explosion.

On July 31, 1972, Jeff was born to Charles and Annie Stroble in Roswell, New Mexico. He graduated from Goddard High School.

On August 16, 2004, Jeff married his soulmate and partner for life, Reba. Together, they had three beautiful children, whom he adored. Jeff loved spending time with friends and family, and he always cooked to feed them, barbecuing and grilling his amazing steaks, ribs, and chicken.

Jeff was with the Roswell Fire Department for seventeen years, where he served as a fire apparatus operator. He was an honorable and strong man who strived for the best in every aspect of his life. Jeff was proud to serve his community as a fireman. He is remembered as a brave hero who never gave up.

Jeff loved the outdoors, traveling, camping, fishing, golf, bowling, and heavy metal music. He was a die-hard Cowboys fan. Jeff’s favorite holiday was Independence Day (4th of July) and all the celebrations.

Jeff is survived by his loving wife, Reba Stroble; children: Kyle (Rebecca), Tyler, and Kadence; grandchildren, Jackson and Ava; parents, Charles and Annie Stroble; siblings, Anthony Stroble, Sarah (Warren) Aldrich, and Charity Lassiter; aunts and uncles, Mary Rogers, Maudie (Lenard) Mahan, Donald (Joan)Tyler, Nelda (Luis) Mendoza, Aubrey (Martha) Tyler, Gail Turner, and Scott (Diane) Stroble; nieces and nephews, Noah (Ashlyn) Stroble, Jonah Stroble, Noah Whitley, Kinzie Aldrich, and McKenna Aldrich; mother-in-law and father-in-law, Warren and Reba Aldrich; close friends, Ruben Becerra, Shawn Kennedy, Elvio Palma, and his Roswell Fire Department brothers and families; beloved dogs: Sir Chugs, Miley, Gabby; and many cousins and friends and extended family by marriage, who loved him dearly.

Jeff was preceded in death by his grandparents, Thurman and Goldie Tyler and Charles and Muriel Stroble; aunts and uncles, Jerry Stroble, Iona Ketchell, Earl Tyler, Harell Tyler, Tom Tyler, Lou Etta Hignight, and Callie Herring; special cousin, Sandy Kethcell; and many cousins and family members from marriage.

He was greatly loved and will be intensely missed, not only by his family and friends, but by all those blessed to have known him.

Steven Louis Jones

Steven Louis Jones

Submitted by his wife

Steven ‘Louis’ Jones was 46 years old. He was a 19-year veteran of the Roswell Fire Department where he advanced quickly through the ranks and was ultimately appointed as the Fire Chief in April of 2001.

In the early morning hours of March 16‚2002‚ while asleep at his residence. Chief Jones heard fire crews being dispatched to a residential explosion on his fire department radio. He makes one of his last decisions on this earth when he too responds. Upon arrival Chief Jones checks in at the Incident Command vehicle and is given two assignments‚ first to check on the status of the burn patient who has been taken to a neighbors house for treatment and second to determine what caused the house to explode so violently. Chief Jones arrived at the door of the residence just as the burn patient brandished a 9mm handgun. In the flurry of deliberate violence‚ Chief Jones received one gunshot wound to the head; the EMT that had been rendering aid was also shot in the head. The neighbor who had taken the assailant in to his residence was killed and his three-year-old son was paralyzed during this incident. Eventually‚ the assailant took his own life with the same gun that had robbed so many families of their future. Chief Jones survived for ten days on life support until his body systems began to fail and he eventually lost his life on March 26‚2002.

Like Adonis from Greek mythology‚ Louis Jones possessed a physical perfection rarely seen in mortals. Standing six feet four inches tall and weighing just over three hundred pounds his body was as beautifully sculpted as any masterpiece ever created by Michelangelo. In contrast to this classic beauty‚ Louis was a very rugged outdoorsman who was often described as a ‘man’s man’. He was a soft-spoken‚ modest man who was a bit on the shy side. Embarrassed by accolades and he would often deflect attention from himself by sharing credit for his distinguished accomplishments with his co-workers‚ fellow firefighters and family. Louis was an extraordinary individual who lived by a code of honor that belonged to another time. As a man of high moral standards‚ Louis not only did things right‚ he also did right things. He valued a hard day’s work‚ he upheld his family name and he believed in the pledge made with a handshake.

Louis was an avid hunter and outdoor enthusiast. He loved the solitude and majestic beauty of the wilderness and he never missed the opportunity to share this passion with others. As the President of the Southern New Mexico Chapter of Safari Club International he worked tirelessly to ensure the conservation of New Mexico’s resources. Louis was a life member of Safari Club International and served as a Regional Representative. Blessed with the eye of an artist‚ Louis spent years studying the anatomy of animals. He worked as a taxidermist practicing his technique and honing his skills. In recent years he had begun entering his work in national competitions where he won several first place awards for his taxidermy work and for his pencil drawings of wildlife.

Louis started‚ supported and participated in more civic associations and programs than it is possible to list. He was a man that believed that he could make a difference and he felt a great responsibility to his community.

As the head of our house‚ Louis set very high standards for us and he led by example. He knew that God would hold him accountable for his actions and that he was responsible for the leadership and direction of his family. In this area he was a no non-sense kind of guy. He did not make excuses and he did not accept excuses‚ you either did or you did not. There was no middle ground. Louis had a lust for life that was contagious. He lived every day with gusto and faced any obstacle fearlessly. Louis was a faithful servant to his lord and savior‚ a true and loving companion to his wife and he was devoted to his children and grandchildren‚ Louis has left us with a legacy of service to others and a responsibility to each other. We will miss him each and every day until we are with him again.

Louis is survived by‚ his wife Carol; three children; Marty‚ Christie and Cody and six grandchildren.