Steven C. Henry Sr.

Steven C. Henry Sr.

Steven C. Henry Sr. was born to Michael and Pauline Henry in San Antonio‚ Texas‚ on August 24‚ 1959. Steven was the fifth child‚ with five brothers and sisters. The family settled in Maytown‚ Pennsylvania. At the time of Steven’s death‚ he was married to Edith M. Freels. Steven has three adult children from a previous marriage‚ Steven Jr.‚ Jessica‚ and Kristen.

Steven’s true love was volunteering as a firefighter. He started out volunteering with the Maytown-East Donegal Township Fire Department in 1978 and later joined the Shawnee Fire Company‚ Station 8-3‚ in 1979. During his tenure with Station 8-3‚ he served in the capacity of chief engineer‚ captain‚ 1st and 2nd assistant fire chief‚ deputy fire chief‚ fire chief‚ and president. The Shawnee Fire Company was formally dissolved in 2000‚ when Columbia Consolidated Fire Department (CCFD) was formed. At the time of the closing of the Shawnee Fire Company‚ Steven had served as the fire chief for more than eight years. He also served as the chief engineer‚ assistant fire chief and fire chief of the CCFD. After serving as a firefighter for over 32 years‚ Steven became very active with the Columbia Borough Special Fire Police and served as the captain of the Special Fire Police for two years.

One of Steven’s biggest contributions to Columbia‚ as chief‚ was bringing back fireworks after 20 years. The number of man hours to bring off this week of festivities was countless. This past July 4th marked the fifth year for the people of Columbia to enjoy the sights and sounds of fun ending in a beautiful display of fireworks.

Steven gave a great deal of time‚ energy‚ and money to ensure he fulfilled his duties‚ as well as taking many courses through the years to maintain his skills. Some of his courses were Helicopter Safety‚ Incident Command‚ Firefighter I and Firefighter II‚ Hazardous Materials‚ First Responders‚ CPR/AED‚ National Incident Management‚ and FEMA courses. His awards include the Chief’s Award‚ appreciation from CCDF for helping to make it a reality‚ and an award for assisting the FDNY following September 11‚ 2001.

Steven was very dedicated to his family‚ friends‚ and community. He loved spending time on the river fishing and enjoying the relaxing waters. He was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed camping‚ the beach‚ and riding his motorcycle‚ where he felt the most free. Steven had an extended family in the fire service and was known for giving many chances and constantly rooting for the underdog. He took troubled teens and turned them into firefighters. He never wanted recognition for his actions; he did what he was called to do. He is greatly missed.