Johnnie Howard Hammons

Johnnie Howard Hammons

Lt. Johnnie H. Hammons was born August 24‚ 1959‚ to the late JoAnn and Erman Hammons. He was preceded in death by one brother‚ Robert Hammons‚ and is survived by three brothers: Gary and wife Debbie‚ Larry‚ and Ronnie Hammons; and one sister‚ Carla (Hammons) Bailey and husband Charles. He has several nieces and nephews who he dearly loved.

He was a resident of Nicholas County and graduated from Richwood High School. He was a retired sawmill worker and was a member of Civil Air Patrol‚ where he fought wildland fires in Montana.

He joined the Craigsville-Bever-Cottle Volunteer Fire Department in January 1998 and became a certified firefighter in September 1998. He completed I.C.S. in March 1999 and was Firefighter of the Year in 1999 and 2000. In April 2002 he became I.S.O. and he attained the rank of first lieutenant in 2005. June of 2008 he became Fire Officer 1 certified (Delmar).

He loved to ride ATVs‚ hunt‚ fish‚ and spend time with family and friends. When he wasn’t contributing his time to help the community and assisting neighbors‚ local businesses‚ and organizations‚ he always cut firewood for his mom and anyone else who needed it. He was always there when someone needed help no matter what time of day or night.

The C-B-C Fire Department held a pizza party the Christmas of 1999 for underprivileged children of the community. A father brought his four children to see Santa and to celebrate Christmas‚ as this was the only way the children would have Christmas. Johnnie had noticed the man carrying two of the children and the other two walking behind. They had no shoes on their feet and only wore long-sleeved shirts for jackets. Johnnie‚ without saying a word‚ quickly exited the building. When he returned‚ he had several packages wrapped with names of the children on each one. He handed them to Santa. One by one‚ the gifts were given‚ and when opened‚ each child had a new pair of shoes and a warm winter coat to wear home. His generosity will always be remembered‚ and he will be sadly missed by all.

Timothy Allen Nicholas Sr.

Timothy Allen Nicholas Sr.

Timothy Allen Nicholas was born in Nicholas County‚ West Virginia‚ on August 23‚ 1982‚ and was the son of Timothy Leo Nicholas and Bonnie Nottingham. He is survived by his companion‚ Amber Jackson; daughter‚ Carlee Jaydon Nicholas; and son‚ Timothy Allen Nicholas Jr. He was a 2001 graduate from Nicholas County High School‚ Summersville‚ West Virginia.

Timothy served his country in the United States Marine Corps from 2001 to 2005‚ attaining the rank of Corporal E-4‚ and was a member of the West Virginia National Guard CERF (HAZMAT) Team of Huntington. Timothy served on security teams at the West Virginia State Capitol during the 2009 gubernatorial inauguration and in Washington‚ DC‚ during the 2009 presidential inauguration.

Timothy was proud to serve his country‚ as well as the personal level of serving his community as a volunteer firefighter with the Craigsville-Beaver-Cottle Volunteer Fire Department in Craigsville‚ West Virginia. He also served as a volunteer firefighter with Nettie Volunteer Fire Department in Nicholas County‚ West Virginia.‚ and Topsail Beach Fire Department in North Carolina. He was an emergency vehicle operator by profession for Redi-Care Ambulance and Jan-Care Ambulance.

Timothy’s lifelong dream was to become a law enforcement officer‚ and he was in the process of testing for a position within the local level. Timothy loved lights and sirens. His face would light up as bright as the newest light he would possess.

Timothy loved the outdoors‚ hunting‚ fishing‚ and his favorite hobby‚ driving on old dirt back roads just to see where they led. Timothy was a prankster‚ always pulling tricks and jokes on anyone he knew. One night Timothy was riding around an old dirt road with his dad and a friend‚ when he got an idea. He told his dad he needed to go home because he wasn’t feeling well. His dad dropped him off at home and continued with his journey down the dirt road. Timothy quickly changed into his BDUs and a baseball cap‚ jumped in his vehicle‚ and proceeded down the road. He waited in lure for his dad to drive by‚ and he pulled in behind him and turned on his lights and siren. Timothy went up to his dad’s vehicle‚ lowered his voice‚ and asked for license‚ insurance‚ and registration. Timothy’s dad complied with all commands‚ looking forward. Timothy proceeded as if he were the ‘real cops.’ For several minutes‚ he led his dad to believe he was going to jail. Timothy realized his dad was beginning to panic‚ so he handed his papers back and said‚ ‘See you at home‚ Dad.’ Timothy’s dad was shocked. All he could say‚ with wide eyes and a gapped mouth‚ was‚ ‘You little s-t!’

Timothy gave the extreme sacrifice for his community. He brings honor to his family‚ friends‚ and his community. His loving memories of bringing laughter and joy to all who knew him will be sadly missed.