Adam Cody’ Renfroe

Adam Cody' Renfroe

Adam ‘Cody’ Renfroe answered his last call on October 29‚ 2008. He was 24 when he sacrificed his life in a search and rescue effort while battling a house fire. Cody fearlessly and without hesitation went in to locate an elderly lady believed to be trapped inside‚ but somehow fell victim himself. We lost our precious hero shortly after that.

We still wrestle with god’s decision of why he took someone so young and dedicated. Cody was already our hero‚ but suddenly he became our community and surrounding communities’ hero. Now we realize he had an uncontrollable passion for firefighting. If it was his time to answer his last call‚ he left his earth the best way anyone could‚ as a true hero. He died doing something he loved. Somehow‚ a hero deserves heaven.

Cody had a special quality about him. When he entered the room‚ he always had that silly smile on his face that somehow became contagious. He always had a joke or funny story to tell. He also had an overwhelming compassion for people‚ and a drive to serve. Cody loved the feeling of accomplishment and importance that he felt helping people‚ and he relied on that feeling when he went on a call. Everyone knew they could rely on him and that he would do whatever it took to help them. Cody put in countless hours as a volunteer firefighter. If we wanted to see him‚ we knew where to find him; it wouldn’t be at home. He was always at the fire hall or at the shop where he worked on his other passion‚ hotrod cars and drag racing.

Our mayor stated that‚ at the moment he heard that a firefighter had sacrificed his life‚ he knew in his heart that it was Cody.

Cody served with the Crossville Volunteer Fire Department for two years. He continues to serve his fellow firefighters and community by an annual car show‚ with all proceeds benefiting the fire department so they can better serve and protect the community. He volunteered his time at the local school and nursing home educating students and the elderly on fire safety.

The City of Crossville honored Cody’s memory with the dedication of the new fire engine #6‚ in recognition of Cody’s call number. He received resolutions from both the house and senate for his heroic death. He received an award for his service from Crossville Health & Rehab. The Town of Crossville issued a proclamation declaring April 18‚ 2009‚ ‘Cody Renfroe Celebration of a Life Day.’

Volunteer firefighters everywhere are a very special group of people. They do not receive a paycheck or retirement plan‚ but just a longing desire to serve their community.

Thomas Girdley

Crossville Fire Chief Tommy Girdley grew up in the fire hall with father, Rooney Girdley and mother, Dispatcher Eileen Girdley. He joined the department on July 28, 1967 and was named Chief in 1970. On March 24, 1983. Tommy gave his life serving the citizens of Crossville. He is sadly missed by family and friends. He is remembered by his hard work and dedication to the community whom he proudly served. He was also a veteran in the Army along with many brave soldiers in Vietnam.

Tommy loved to work with his crew and would never ask them to do anything he would not do himself.

Stephanie Hale was Tommy’s wife and they had one daughter Melissa Jo Girdley. Melissa grew up in the fire hall with her mother and father.