Timothy A. Byrd

Timothy A. Byrd

Timmy was a wonderful son. He loved his family. Tim and I were so very close. We were always together‚ and we traveled a lot. He loved to hunt and fish.

Tim went to school for 13 years and never missed a day. After he graduated‚ he got a job with the county driving a truck and worked there for 20 years. Then he went to Southern Gage‚ where he worked with his dad for nine years‚ until his death.

He was with the rescue squad for nine years. Tim loved to help people. When they called‚ he was there.

The morning I found him‚ I thought my life had ended. I wouldn’t have made it without the Lord. It is still so hard to think of him being gone.

Tim has two sisters‚ two nieces‚ and three nephews. He loved them so much. They are still having a hard time with his passing away. He carried them on trips. He taught them how to hunt and fish and work in a garden.

On February 7‚ 2009‚ Timmy got a call that they had to go drag for a man that drowned. On February 9‚ 2009‚ I found my son unresponsive. His dad called EMS‚ but they were unable to resuscitate my son. He had a massive stroke. They told me he never knew what happened. I had two strokes. It should have been me‚ but the Lord had other plans.

I would like to thank Paul Trumpore and Tony Chester for being there to help us through that awful time. We have gained two to our family. We love both of you.

Also‚ we want to thank all the firefighters and rescue squad members for their support

George and Loretta Nunn‚ stepfather and mother.