Jerry W. Stucker

Jerry W. Stucker

Submitted by his Family

Firefighter/EMT Jerry Stucker was respected by all who knew him. He was on duty Friday morning‚ September 14‚ 2007‚ with the Loss Prevention/Fire Department at Dow Corning in Carrollton‚ Kentucky‚ when he responded to a hazardous materials incident at the plant. While performing firefighter duties there‚ he died of sudden cardiac arrest. His brothers treated him on the scene‚ but to no avail. He was 53 when he passed.

He served as Firefighter/EMT at Dow Corning for the past eleven years‚ Jefferson Proving Ground Fire Department for nine years‚ and was a volunteer firefighter for the past 27 years at Clifty 6 Fire Company where he lived‚ in Madison‚ Indiana. He was also a member of the Kentucky Firefighters Association and the Indiana Firefighters Association.

If you don’t mind‚ I would like to share some memories of Jerry. We have two sons‚ Brent and Chris‚ and their wives‚ Lynn and Dara. The reason I don’t say ïdaughters-in-law’ is because Jerry always thought of them as his daughters.

We were reminiscing with some family and some very close friends and many memories started to come back to us. Jerry had the nicest way of telling people what he thought‚ while at the same time‚ he was respectful of other peoples’ feelings.

We remember family vacations that he would save up all year for just so we could have fun together as a family. Our family would go to Florida and take walks along the beach together looking for interesting seashells. Usually those walks included long talks about life. My sons also cherish the times that their dad took them camping and fishing.

Jerry became a grandfather for the first time on May 16‚ 2006‚ a grandson born to Brent and Lynn Stucker. His grandson was 16 months old at the time of his passing. He was so proud of Treyton‚ and he loved being a grandfather. Since Jerry passed‚ my other son Chris and his wife Dara had a little girl. She was born on June 3‚ 2008‚ and her name is Ella. Chris was very upset when his Dad passed because he didn’t get to tell him about her‚ but we know he is watching over us. Brent and Chris treasure memories of days spent with their Dad. He was so proud of his family.

As his wife‚ I can tell you he was such a wonderful husband. We would have been married 35 years on April 14‚ 2008. He had already said he wanted to go somewhere nice for our 35th anniversary‚ but that didn’t get to happen.

Jerry was a very quiet man who would never brag or boast about himself. He cherished his friendships and was so proud to be a part of the department. He thrived under the spirit of service that firefighting promotes.

My sons said that if just 10% of their Dad has rubbed off on them‚ then they consider themselves to be the luckiest sons in the world. They just wish they had more time to add another percent.

Jerry is sadly missed by his wife and best friend‚ Teresa‚ sons and daughters (wives) Brent‚ Lynn‚ Chris‚ and Dara‚ grandchildren Treyton and Ella‚ his father Bill‚ and many family and friends. He will be forever in our hearts!