Barry Wollman

Barry Wollman‚ 53‚ career firefighter‚ Eagleville Fire Department‚ died February 18‚ 2001‚ after responding to a fire at a local mall. He served with the department for 26 years.

From his family: Barry was a Lieutenant in the fire department and also a Lieutenant Colonel in the Civil Air Patrol. He loved being a firefighter‚ and would volunteer for everything. He was the one you could depend on in good times and bad. He helped anyone who asked with their fire training…no matter when‚ where‚ or how.

Barry went to many public schools to teach fire safety. The kids loved him! He gave small gifts to the children which he paid for out of his own pocket.

Barry set up a communication system for the department that eliminated interference. This was the only department in the area that did not have problems.

The Uncles of Barry Lee Wollman‚ Zalmon Bass‚ Kenneth Bass‚ and Ben I. Wollman‚ His Only Survivors