Leonard N. Zeller

Leonard N. Zeller

Submitted by his Daughter

Lennie had been with the E.V.F.D. for over 17 years. He held the positions of Chief and 1st Asst. Chief during his years of service.

Lennie was one of the founders of the Trout Lake Rock Bass fishing derby for area children. He coached children’s teeball; women’s softball and enjoyed playing sports himself. He was an avid fisherman‚ hunter and trapper. He and his wife Patricia took in foster children and hosted many AFS students.

Lennie had completed several firefighting classes including essentials‚ extrication and fire reporting. Lennie was always trying new fads and ideas. He was an inventor who held a patent on his own product design.

Survivors include his wife Patricia; son Wesley and wife Kim; daughter Barbara Tresidder and husband Roger and 5 grandchildren : RJ‚ Jimmy‚ Zackary‚ Madison & Cole. Also at the time of his death his survivors included his mother Vivian‚ brothers Clarence & Larry‚ sisters Keitha & Kathy.

Lennie loved to travel. He was like the dad on Chevy Chase’s movie Vacation. He was always interested in seeing the weirdest things while on vacation. He would drive miles out of the way to show us the quirkiest thing.

I never realized he had any fears until one Florida vacation. His parents wintered there so we went for a visit one Christmas. While walking along the street near a culvert my dad began hollering ‘an alligator has got me’ He scared the bejeepers out of us only to look down and find he had walked into a burr bush and all the stickies were stuck to his sock. He was scared to death and we all laughed about it.

Lennie’s favorite activity was to spend time with his grandchildren. No matter what he was doing if the kids came to visit there was always time to be ‘papa’. He tried to instill his love of sporting in them. He got all of them their lifetime sportsman licenses so they could enjoy the outdoors as he did.

He was well liked in the community and was always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it. His passing left a definite void in our lives.

To view his local tribute follow this link: http://www.herd.org/edwards/firedept/lennie/