Gordon Anderson

Submitted by his Daughter

Gordon was a man who loved to work hard‚ but he knew how to play hard too. He loved being with his family. He hosted many picnics at the farm. He was not only a volunteer firefighter‚ he helped to start the Ensign Volunteer Fire Department. He ran a gas/service station in Rapid River and a farm in Ensign where he lived with his wife Kathy and children‚ Wendy‚ Florence‚ Gordon Jr.‚ Daniel (deceased 1990)‚ Marty and Scott. He has now a total of 8 grandchildren‚ 3 step grandchildren and 1 honorary grandchild.

He is sadly missed by his family and friends and all of those people he has touched the lives of. He is still the subject of many stories‚ all of which put a smile on your face.