James Timothy Smith

James T. Smith (known as Tim Smith) responded to an assistance call in Century‚ Florida at a home on Highway 4‚ inside the city limits. Tim was directed to enter the burning home with other firemen to look for hot spots that needed to be extinguished. After going approximately halfway into the house‚ the roof‚ rafters‚ ceiling and insulation and water fell onto Tim Smith’s head and back. Tim Smith was transferred to D. W. McMillan hospital in Brewton‚ Alabama‚ and then transferred to West Florida Hospital in Pensacola‚ Florida for treatment.

Tim Smith went through a year of conservative treatments and did not seem to respond very well. Tim had his first back surgery in February of 1998 in Montgomery‚ Alabama. This was followed by six consecutive surgeries from 1998 until 2001. Tim was having his seventh surgery when complications from the surgery lead to his death.

Tim Smith was a very active member of the Flomaton Volunteer Fire Department. He was active in community sports as well as serving as an Emergency Medical Technician and working as a part-time driver for the Brewton Ambulance Service. Tim and his wife Donna were owner-operators of the restaurant in Flomaton where they lived. They were both very much involved in the working and running of their small business. After Tim’s accident all of his participation in family and community affairs stopped due to the constant pain he was in.

Tim Smith left a wife Donna and three sons Tony‚ Curtis‚ and Todd who he had always been very active with. His wife and children lost their friend and Donna lost her husband of 20 years.