Joseph J. Alfred

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James H. Combs

James was with the Galveston Texas Fire Dept. for 14 years and was promoted to the rank of Captain just days before his death. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1958-1961 and was a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Galveston. He was also a member of the Arcadia Texas Volunteer Fire Dept. He was very devoted to his job and received any and all training required and not required to be the best at what he did. He would even help fight fires that broke out here at home on his off days.

While on vacation in 1979 in North Sydney‚ Nova Scotia‚ Canada for 18 days‚ he found a fire station around the corner from the home we were staying at and started hanging out with the guys there. One day a huge blaze broke out and of course he hopped on the truck. He showed the other firefighters some techniques that they used to ultimately save the building. They made him Honorary Chief of that Department.

James was one of Galveston’s Finest Firefighters and is still remembered to this day for his many years of devoted service and is sadly missed by all who knew him.