Thomas V. Regan

Thomas V. Regan

Thomas Regan died on February 17‚ 2011‚ as a result of injuries sustained in a fall while responding to an alarm call three weeks earlier. He was a volunteer firefighter with the Garden City Park Fire Department’s Hillside Heights Engine Company for 34 years‚ where he was in charge of safety training and tactics.

He retired as a deputy chief after a 38-year career with the Fire Department of New York. His son‚ Timothy‚ also retired after a career as an FDNY firefighter.

Tom Regan stayed in top physical condition‚ typically running six to eight miles daily and working out for two hours each day at the fire house.

He was a Korean War veteran.

Family and friends remembered him as a jokester and a great story teller who was always making people laugh. He led a simple life and enjoyed life’s simple pleasures. He was a very active grandfather who attended every event his 11 grandchildren participated in.

He is survived by his wife of over 50 years‚ Elsie Regan; sons‚ Thomas and Timothy; daughter‚ Christine; and grandchildren‚ Timothy‚ Carolyn‚ Ryan‚ Nicole‚ Thomas‚ Robert‚ Brian‚ Matthew‚ Laura‚ Brooke‚ and Kristen.

His life’s passion was to help others. He had a generous‚ caring heart that put the needs of others above his own life.