Frederick A. Burroughs

Frederick A. Burroughs

Submitted by his Family

Frederick Allen ‘Fred’ Burroughs was killed when a propane gas explosion leveled a convenience store in Ghent‚ WV‚ on Tuesday‚ January 30‚ 2007.

Fred began his firefighting career as a junior fireman at the age of 17. The Ghent Fire Department had just been founded and was campaigning for volunteers. With the lack of anything better to do‚ he began to hang out there. It wasn’t long until firefighting was in his blood. He began taking fire classes and EMT classes and found out he was good at what he did. From driving the trucks‚ to operating the equipment and the pumper‚ to entering a burning building and actually fighting fire‚ to extrication‚ to CPR‚ to management of the department‚ he was eager to learn‚ and he learned quickly. He had a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of others. You see‚ when Fred was 13‚ he lost his dad to a sudden heart attack. With no training in life saving maneuvers‚ he felt helpless…he never forgot the helpless feeling he had that day.

Fred served 33 years as a volunteer with the Ghent Volunteer Fire Department‚ holding positions of EMT‚ sergeant‚ lieutenant‚ captain‚ assistant chief and chief. At the time of his death‚ he was a captain with the department and served as a member of the board of directors. The growth and well being of his department were always in the forefront of his mind. His wife would tease him that he loved that department more than her.

His ‘income producing’ job for five years prior to his death was as a building code inspector for the Raleigh County Code Enforcement Department in Beckley‚ WV.

Fred was a very dedicated family man…tremendously devoted to his wife of 25 years. His son and daughter were his pride and joy‚ and he cherished special times spent with all of them.

Losing a man with Fred’s integrity‚ knowledge‚ talents‚ love of life and family‚ quick wit‚ endearing smile‚ and dedication to his family‚ his department and his community has left a tremendous void in the lives of his wife‚ children‚ mother‚ other family members‚ friends‚ co-workers and fellow firefighters that can never be filled. Volumes could be written about him. His contributions were so many‚ the lives he touched too numerous to mention. We will never know how many lives he was instrumental in saving on that fateful day‚ but his ultimate sacrifice for his fellow man and on behalf of his department is a legacy that will live on forever!

Fred now resides in his heavenly home watching over us all everyday. He is survived by his wife‚ Hazel; son‚ Christopher; daughter‚ Lindsay; and mother‚ Betty.

Craig L. Dorsey II

Craig L. Dorsey II

Submitted by his Mother

Craig L. Dorsey II was born on December 8‚ 1982. He was introduced to the fire department at a very young age. When Craig was finally old enough to actually join the department‚ he became a junior fireman. Craig became a fireman before he was even old enough to drive‚ and when they would get a call he used to ride his bike or run to the fire department. Some would call this dedication‚ but I call this obsession. With some people as they get older that‚ ‘dedication’ tends to wear off‚ but not with Craig it got worse. It seemed like morning‚ noon‚ and night he was at the fire department. He was good at his job and I would say that it was the biggest enjoyment of his life. That was until we had our son in 2005. After Tyler was born‚ Craig was still always at the fire department. The only difference now was that anytime he went to the fire department he always took Tyler with him. This ‘dedication’ was passed on to another generation‚ and to this day Tyler is just as ‘dedicated’ as his father was.

Craig became an Emergency Medical Technician in 2005. He had been working on an ambulance since 2003 as a CPR driver‚ but he really liked being an EMT. He took a lot of pride in this job and did this job extremely well. Craig also became a Mason in 2005. For those who do not know much about the Masons the best way for me to describe them is as a family of brothers who take care of one another. Craig had always been one to do what he could to help someone else‚ so this brotherhood was really good for him. Craig went on and got his 32nd degree and had plans on achieving even more degrees within the Masons.

Craig left for work on January 30‚ 2007 just like any other day. I got to see him before he left never knowing that would be the last time I would ever get to see him. At approximately 10:30 am Craig responded to a gas leak at a local gas station. He got there in time to evacuate all of the customers from the station just before the gas station exploded. The explosion killed Craig and three other gentlemen. Two of which were with the propane service and the other was a fellow firefighter. Craig was killed instantly. We thank God everyday that he did not suffer.

Craig is survived by fianc_e LeeAnne and their son William Tyler Gray Dorsey. He also leaves behind the rest of his family and all of his fire department family and friends. He was greatly loved and will always be remembered as a person who always brought a smile to everyone’s face. Craig may be gone‚ but will never be forgotten. He will live on in the hearts and the lives of those he touched. We love you Craig!!!

Submitted by his Father

Craig Dorsey was killed when a propane gas explosion leveled a convenience store in Ghent‚ West Virginia‚ on Tuesday‚ January 30‚ 2007. Two firefighters and two civilians died in this incident‚ and several others were critically injured.

Craig had been involved in the fire/rescue service since age 14‚ and he served with the department for12 years. He also served with the Coal City Fire Department. He enjoyed being a firefighter and an EMT‚ and that was all he knew. He worked with his father‚ who is a chaplain for the Sophia City Fire Department‚ and his father was inspired by Craig’s ability to do that kind of work. Both of them loved helping people. Craig would always make sure he called his dad to tell him‚ ‘Daddy‚ I had a good call today.’

He was a Mason and a devoted member of the Beckley Masonic Lodge.

Craig is survived by his father and stepmother‚ Craig Dorsey‚ Sr. and Priscilla Dorsey; his mother and stepfather‚ Kathy and Mark Sizemore; and his son‚ Tyler.

We will always remember his smile and the jokes he would pull on people‚ and how he helped people in the community with whatever means he could. He was just an all-around great young man.

I miss him every day and want people to know that he was a tremendous joy in my life.