Mark L. Edwards

Mark L. Edwards

Submitted by his wife

When I think about my guy‚ my husband‚ my volunteer firefighter the first thing that comes into my mind is pride. I am talking about how still today when I talk about Mark to people who didn’t know him‚ I hear comments like ‘I can tell he was a wonderful person just by the way you speak about him.’ or ‘He must have been a great guy‚ taking care of his family and still finding the time to support his local Fire Department.’ I simply tell them that it’s true.

When we moved our family to the Gower area we met a local merchant and were quickly told about the volunteer firefighters. Immediately Mark knew he wanted to be apart of the department. He joined in November of 1996 and spent almost every weekend for two years completing various firefighter classes. He received certificates in Plane Crash‚ Auto Rescue‚ Pump Operations‚ and Hazardous Materials for First Responders‚ Firefighter Safety and Survival: The Company Officer’s Responsibility‚ Introduction to the Fire Service‚ Introduction to Clandestine Drug Labs‚ First Responder Continuing Education‚ and Incident Management System. Mark also served one year as Assistant Fire Chief.

Mark was the kind of person who didn’t always have to be first or make a big impression. He was kind‚ caring and helpful to everyone. He treated people how he wanted to be treated. Mark loved being a part of the team. He cared for each one of his fellow firefighters and held them in high esteem.

Together we raised our children and in each of them I see a part of their dad. Mark’s oldest son Mark Aaron shares his entrepreneurial nature. Our son Brandon Lee shares his unquenchable love for the outdoors‚ hunting and fishing. Our youngest son Justin Scott not only looks the most like his dad with his dark hair and big brown eyes‚ but has the same sweet spirit.

Today the kids and I enjoy the friendship of the firefighters and they continue to be a part of our lives. Mark will always have a place in all our hearts and will be dearly missed.

In the last words Mark spoke to me‚ ‘See Ya Later Babe’

In Your Loving Memory‚Karla